Rega – RP1 Pack – Performance Pack

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Rega - RP1 Pack - Performance Pack

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  • The increased drive delivered by the upgrade belt offers greater speed, stability and accuracy. This is especially noticeable during long musical notes which adds greatly to the musical performance of the turntable.
  • A hand assembled moving magnet cartridge which uses a high quality elliptical stylus and parallel wound coils that would usually be found in cartridges, costing many times the amount.
  • Housed in Rega's unique, lightweight, high rigidity cartridge body, the Bias 2 offers a detailed, balanced performance with tight bass and excellent stereo imagery.
  • A high quality mat manufactured from 100% natural wool. Wool, having stiffer fibres than synthetic man made material, directly improves coupling between the phenolic resin platter and the vinyl LP.
  • Housed in Rega's lightweight, high rigidity cartridge body, the Bias 2 offers a detailed, balance performance with tight bass and excellent stereo imaging.

Product Description

You already have your Rega RP1 turntable. Now give it a performance boost with the RP1 Performance Pack. With a thicker, upgraded drive belt, Bias 2 cartridge and shiny new turntable mat, your award-winning RP1 turntable will achieve legendary status. Gain speed, stability and musical performance with the increased drive delivered by the upgraded drive belt. Bias 2 cartridges are hand assembled with a high quality elliptical stylus and parallel wound coils for excellent stereo imagery and balanced performance with incredible detail. Top it all off with a high quality, 100 percent natural wool mat to improve coupling between the vinyl and phenolic resin platter.

Rega - RP1 Pack - Performance Pack, Rega

Price: $195.00
as of February 5, 2019 10:05 am  
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blank - Rega - RP1 Pack - Performance
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