LEGO Games 3862: Harry Potter Hogwarts

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LEGO Games 3862: Harry Potter Hogwarts

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  • 1 buildable LEGO Die
  • 9 LEGO microfigures which includes Harry PotterTM, Hermione GrangerTM, Ron WeasleyTM, Draco MalfoyTM and Albus DumbledoreTM
  • Includes building instructions and 1 rule booklet
  • 2 to 4 players
  • 332 LEGO pieces

Product Description

LEGO Hogwarts Game (3862)

Designed to enchant Harry Potter fans of all ages, the LEGO Harry Potter Hogwarts Board Game allows you to build your very own Potter-themed game board. This family-friendly board game pits up to four players against each other, in a race to turn in their homework first. Along the way, players will have to face shifting stairs, secret passageways, and wizard duels. And since the game board is fully customizable, every single play-through is a new experience. In addition, the set features several unique pieces and mini-figures, making this a great gift for LEGO collectors and Potter fans alike. Harry Potter HogwartsBoard Game Ages: 7 years and up Pieces: 322 Build Time: 30 minutes Game Time: 30 - 40 minutes What We Think Fun factor: Durability: Ease of assembly: Educational factor: Novelty factor: The Good: Encourages players to build and to think strategically. The Challenging: May be too complex for younger players. In a Nutshell: A fun, unique LEGO board game for Harry Potter fans . Players must navigate their way through shifting staircases and trap doors. View larger. Your opponents can manipulate the board to keep you from your objectives! View larger. Outsmart Your Opponents in a Race to Finish If you're looking for a game that the entire family can enjoy, the LEGO Hogwarts Board Game is an ideal choice. It is simple enough for young children to enjoy, but is also deep enough to engage older kids and even adults. After the board has been built, players begin by choosing one of four colored microfigures - one to represent each of the four Hogwarts Houses. The objective is to collect four items from four different classrooms. Players win by being the first to return to their commonroom with all four items intact. But the game is not quite as straightforward as it may sound: players must also contend with all sorts of magical obstacles! Since the game board is fully customizable, you can strategically rearrange the rooms to throw your opponents off course. In this way, the game encourages kids to think creatively, as they develop strategies to slow down their opponents. Customize Your Game Board With 322 pieces, the Harry Potter Hogwarts game is a brisk and easy build. Experienced LEGO builders should be able to construct the game board in 20 minutes. The set also comes with a colorful, step-by-step instruction manual to assist you in building. Or, if you're not interested in following the instructions, you can use the pieces to create your very own customized game board. Even the six-sided die is built out of LEGO. The die comes with seven tiles, which can be put together in any combination. This allows you to tweak and customize the game's rules to your liking. You can also make the game easier or harder, depending on which tiles you include. Exclusive Microfigures of Harry, Ron, and Other Characters In addition to the four colored game pieces, you'll also receive five other Potter-themed microfigures. These include some of the series' most popular characters: Harry, Hermione, Ron, Draco, and Dumbledore. You can even use these characters as game pieces, which adds an element of roleplaying to your fun. What's in the Box 322 lego pieces and an instruction booklet. The set features special mini-figures of Harry, Dumbledore, and the entire gang.

LEGO Games 3862: Harry Potter Hogwarts, LEGO

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