How to Use a DSLR Camera? A Beginner’s Guide

When they were first introduced, digital SLR cameras were enormously expensive and a tool for professionals only. Since then, they have come down in price into the consumer price range. Because of this, many people buy digital SLRs without understanding how they work — and, consequently, not making the most of them.

This video will guide you through the most common functions they have, and show you how to learn to use one by experiment.

Buying a DLSR and looking at it for the first time may look daunting and unattainable. There are a million buttons everywhere and it is hard to evaluate how to take the photograph that you always wanted.

Before you had the camera it seemed as if everything will be solved once you pay the heavy bucks for a fancy new camera right? Not so much. You have to invest a considerable amount of time and effort in order to really hone your talent and master your camera.

Start with the basics first, aperture, shutter speed and ISO and then keep building up on it.

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cannon - How to Use a DSLR Camera? A Beginner's Guide

ISO is a measure of how sensitive the sensor is to light.  Look at the table above.  The lower the ISO number the more light you have.  So if you were shooting outside on a sunny day then you would shoot with your camera on a low ISO setting, most likely 100.  This will create a clear, crisp picture.  If you are working indoors in lower light you would have to adjust your ISO to allow more light to the sensor.  A lot of my food pictures that I shoot at night I shoot at an 800 ISO to compensate for the lack of light in the room.


To help you understand your camera better we must first tackle what the exposure triangle is.  The exposure triangle is the relationship between 3 elements: ISO, Shutter Speed and Aperture.  Once you understand these 3 elements, you will have a much clearer understanding of how your camera works!


Ten years has passed and I decided to take another whirl with the DSLR cameras.  So I dove into learning how to use these amazing cameras.  You know once I started to learn a little here and a little there, they didn’t seem so hard to use after all.


I was shocked when my first roll of film was all blurry and out of focus.  The lighting was all off and these were quite frankly the worst pictures I had ever taken.  I had heard so much about how wonderful these cameras were!  What was I doing wrong?  I became so overwhelmed that I put the camera on the shelf and didn’t touch it again.


Over ten years ago, I got my first SLR camera.  Back then they didn’t have digital and they were simply called SLR cameras.  Today we have digitalized everything including DSLR cameras.  This allows us to practice, practice, practice at no additional cost.



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