Yo Gabba Gabba Bath time Fun Bath Buddies

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Lowest price Product: Yo Gabba Gabba Rolling Backpack - Toddler 12" inches - $25.43



Big Bath Time Fun! 21 Nifty pieces, including all the Yo Gabba Gabba characters. Bath Buddies are foam "stickers" that stick to the bath tub and can be used again and again.


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These little buggers are the niftiest things I think I've ever seen. Whoever cane up with the idea of "bath magnets" was a GENIUS! So these are is s piece of foam that basically suctions to the side if the tub or shower. I bought the Yo Gabba Gabba ones for my niece and she absolutely LOVED playing with them. In not 100% sure but she's 6 years old now and I still believe she occasionally plays with these. They definitely have held up over time and don't seem like they plan on wearing it anytime soon. Definitely a great way to spend your money, lasts forever!
Amy Waugh - January 18, 2016
There aren't a whole lot of YGG toys out there, so I bought these for my daughter when she was around 2 years old. They include every character, plus things from their "lands" and supporting characters like the groundhog, Archibald the snake, etc. The crazy thing is they don't include DJ Lance Rock. I just don't get why there are no DJ Lance Rock items with any sets of YGG stuff you can buy. He must have a copyright on his own image/name, that's all I can think of. And that's dumb because he's an intregal part of the show!But these cling ons stick easily to the tub or wall. My daughter would even play with them outside of the bathtub. Great stuff!
Kathryn Campbell - May 15, 2013
These bath time buddies are the many characters from Yo Gabba Gabba printed on a thick foam piece. With water, they will stick to the walls and surfaces of your home. though they are intended for bath use, my daughter loves to carry these around. They are very durable and have survived almost a year of being chewed on by both her and my dogs. Only a few pieces are actually small enough to be choking hazards. Not once has a piece broke off of the foam. These are a great gift for little Yo Gabba Gabba fans.
Sarah J. - June 21, 2013
I will start off by saying the pieces look great and the colors are super vibrant. I actually bought these to use as cake toppers for my son's Gabba birthday party....for that purpose they rock! the bathtub the pictures start peeling off of the foam. I am so disappointed, as is my son. I gave the whole set to my son after his party which was recently so it's not like we've had them in the tub for very long, maybe just 2 weeks. Last night he showed me that Foofa's foot is peeling off :(The thing is, this is the 2nd set I've received here on Amazon. When I received the 1st set I noticed immediately that one of Brobee's horns was peeling off, this was visible through the packaging so I didn't even open it. I exchanged the whole set, assuming I got a bad batch or something. I had to repurchase in order to do the exchange and my 2nd set came from a different seller. I'm now thinking that these are poorly made in general.On a positive note, the set includes alot of pieces and the foam is nice and son loves playing with all of them in the bathtub.We are just pretty bummed that the actual images on the foam won't last very long.....I mean, aren't the images what we're buying this set for in the first place???
Erin M. - April 4, 2012
I purchased this for my 2 year old who's a big fan of the show. I read some reviews about the color image coming off of the foam pieces but we've kept ours in his tub for 5 months now and they still look as good as when we bought them (with the exception of the Boom Box which has his teeth marks on it). We haven't had any problems with the pictures coming off even though he bathes with them every day. He still hasn't tired of playing with them since he likes the show so much.The only negative I can think of is that the larger/longer pieces may start to warp slightly which will prevent them from sticking to the wall since less surface area is making contact with the wall. This can be quickly remedied by bending the piece back into shape.For the price and fun factor, I think this is one of the best bath toys you can find for a fan of Yo Gabba Gabba and would highly recommend it.
Colts Fan - July 20, 2012
Our daughter (now 2) loves bath time because she gets to play with these. Our tub/shower walls are tiled and I haven't had any problems with the toys not sticking when she's playing with them-- it's kind of amazing how they stay where she puts them. She makes little scenes with them all. My real reason for writing this review is to say that she has been completely in love with the 5 main characters from this set since we gave it to her. Brobee, Foofa, Toodee, Muno and Plex don't go in the tub with the rest of the set, which has tons of the background guys in it. The Gabba Friends go with her everywhere else! She carries them around, puts them in the diaper bag/car for trips, takes them in the stroller and outside to her playhouse, you name it. She loves to find new ways to play with them and places she can put them. This is also true of her Yo Gabba Gabba bath squirters, which I also bought on Amazon. She plays with them literally every day. If you have a little Yo Gabba fan in the house, get these. Just be aware that your little one may try to bite/chew them, which should be discouraged. (Don't bite your friends.)
Irish Dancer - April 27, 2012
I ordered this set for my 27 month old as a Christmas gift. She was so excited when she opened it! I've purchased other foam bath "stickers" in the past, but these Yo Gabba Gabba buddies are the best yet. They are thicker (1cm) and seem really durable. Nice variety of sizes too... Muno is almost 6" tall, Brobee's just over 4". They stick really well to our tile. The illustrations are so fun and colorful!The set comes with 21 friends from Gabba Land, including:MunoBrobeePlexFoofaToodeeDJ Lance's boom boxSunCloudRocky mountainGlacierGrassy hillsFlowersTreeTree stumpBeaverLizardWormButterflyPink birdBlue birdLadybugThey're like the perfect bath toy. Clean up is quick because we don't have to worry about squeezing water from them like squirters, and they stick to the wall (out of the way!) until they're dry. I will upload a photo of the entire set. Great, inexpensive gift for little Yo Gabba Gabba fans!
a.lowe - December 31, 2011

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