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Capture the blowout action of WWE Superstars with this Elite Collection figure! Featuring one of the WWE's biggest personalities and Champions, this bold and colorful figure comes ready to wreak havoc right out of the box! Figure has deluxe articulation, a detailed character expression, authentic...


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Great very happy with order!!
BySteven Lee - April 1, 2017
Purchased for my nephew. He was beyond thrilled to get it. At only12 years old he is a connoisseur of all things WWE. LOL
Steven Lee - April 2, 2017
ByBilly D. - April 24, 2017
Love it...but want to order but price too high...I think if we're prime members we should have a option to order more or get codes to access..only for prime members ...I think if we're buying always...thank you
Billy D. - April 26, 2017
my son love his A.J STYLES.
ByFreddy Pérez - March 23, 2017
Simply PHENOMENAL! (Pun Intended) Strongly recommend!
Freddy Pérez - August 3, 2017
Paid $38.00 I thought it was a 12 inch figure,June9,today I see it for $23.00 6 inch figure feeling gyped
ByAmazon Customer - June 20, 2017
Son loves it
Amazon Customer - April 26, 2017

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Cheating Death, Stealing Life

Simon and Schuster. 2010 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

One of the most inspiring stories in wrestling history, Cheating Death, Stealing Life sees Eddie Guerrero recount his saga in remarkably candid fashion, chronicling a life of heartbreaks and painful personal struggles in frank, graphic detail. Guerrero was born into Mexico's first family of sports entertainment, and his life story spans three generations of the wrestling business. His father, Gory Guerrero, was among the greatest legends of lucha libre—Mexican wrestling. Before Eddie was twenty, he was competing in the border town of Juarez, going on to work throughout Mexico. The family name made him an instant sensation but also cast a large shadow from which he would spend years trying to emerge. Paired with the late Art Barr, Guerrero cofounded what became the most hated—and popular—tag team in lucha libre, the infamous Los Gringos Locos. Cheating Death, Stealing Life offers a no-holds-barred glimpse behind the curtain into the secret world of wrestling, from the harsh realities of a lifetime spent in hotels and rental cars, to the politics that permeate the dressing room. Of course, tight-knit friendships are also forged. Guerrero tells of his personal bonds with such Superstars as Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko. It's also the story of Guerrero's private struggle, of a son caught in the shadow of a larger-than-life father and three older brothers, of a marriage that reached the brink of disintegration before being reborn as a more powerful and fulfilling relationship. Throughout, Eddie Guerrero pulls no punches describing his battles with self-doubt and inner darkness. In the end, Cheating Death, Stealing Life is a story of great courage and personal redemption, of Guerrero's bravery in facing his disease and fighting to become a better man in every light.

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World Wrestling Insanity

ECW Press. 2010 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

In an industry where nothing is real and no one actually wins or loses, the possibilities for manipulation are endless. The nepotism, backward logic, and power plays behind the World Wrestling Entertainment's (WWE) downfall are exposed in this indictment of wrestling's first family. An analysis of the McMahons' poorly written scripts discloses how nepotism and vanity have taken over their creativity, while input from many well-known figures provides details on the complicated and seemingly endless web of manipulation that has led to such questionable behaviors as locker-room hazing and sexual indiscretions. WWE's racist undertones are also discussed, with a firsthand account on how being black affected one wrestler's match with a world champion.

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WWE Encyclopedia

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Alphabetically arranged entries provide information about the wrestlers, events and products of the WWE from its beginnings in the 1960s as the World Wrestling Federation to the present.

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Throughout the years, there may have been equally charismatic performers, comparable athletes, and even better interviews, but none were blessed with the same combination of talents to manage to stay on top for over three decades. To wrestling fans, the Nature Boy is a platinum-blond deity, a sixteen-time world champion who accurately boasted that he could have a five-star match with a broom. No matter how limited the opponent, Flair had the skill and determination to bounce all over the mat, transforming his rival into a star. When the camera light went on, "Slick Ric" could convince viewers that, if they missed an upcoming match, a momentous life experience would pass them by. Flair's opponents were challenged with this simple taunt: "To be the man, you have to beat the man." Away from the arena, Richard Morgan Fliehr spent years struggling with his own concept of what it meant to be a man. He suffered periods of crushing self-doubt, marital strife and—in a profession where there was room for only one Ric Flair—broken friendships. Ric Flair: To Be the Man, cowritten with Keith Elliot Greenberg, chronicles the anguish and exhilaration of Flair's life and career—in painfully honest detail. In addition to his own words, Flair's story is enriched by anecdotes from ring greats like Superstar Billy Graham, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat, Harley Race, Sgt. Slaughter, David Crockett, Arn Anderson, Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, "Mean" Gene Okerlund, Shawn Michaels, Triple H, Undertaker and Brock Lesnar. To Be the Man traces the rise of one of wrestling's most enduring superstars to the pinnacle of the sports entertainment universe, and is a must-read for every wrestling fan.

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Chronicles of the reigns of Stephen, Henry II., and Richard I.

London, Longman. 1884 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

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Calvinism, Communion and the Baptists

Wipf and Stock Publishers. 2007 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

This book is concerned with English Calvinistic Baptist churches from the later 1600s until the early 1800s, arguing that there was then no connection between restricted communion and hyper- or high Calvinism. A minimal definition of restricted communion would be the reception at the Baptist communion of those alone who had been immersed in water upon a profession of faith. A sketch of English Calvinistic Baptists in the years preceding and following the 1689 Act of Toleration stresses that they were a denomination other than that of the General Baptists, and that most Baptists, irrespective of party lines, were de facto Strict Baptists. Historical arguments for and against restricted communion will demonstrate that during that period there was no definitive link between the Particular Baptists' communion discipline and their interpretations of Calvinism. Attention is given to John Gill's and Andrew Fuller's interpretations of the relation between the atonement and evangelism.

content?id=kvKmoAEACAAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&source=gbs api - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

Bluegrass Brawlers

CreateSpace. 2014 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

As the Attitude Era drew to a close in the early 2000s, the WWE already had an eye to the future. The stars who would succeed the Rock, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker were already well on their way to the big time, and Louisville, Kentucky had a front row seat to the future.They were all here – Cena, Orton, Batista, Lesnar. They were all on display every Wednesday night for free at Ohio Valley Wrestling's Davis Arena. Alongside established stars like the Big Show and Mark Henry, the Superstars of Tomorrow trained under the watchful eye of Jim Cornette and Danny Davis, waiting for their moment. More would follow in their footsteps. Some were already close by, like the brash young heel lighting it up every week for Southern Indiana's IWA Mid-South promotion, CM Punk.As stunning as that time in history now appears, it was only one of many golden wrestling eras for Louisville, Kentucky, a city that has always loved its fight sports. “Bluegrass Brawlers: The Story of Professional Wrestling in Louisville” covers them all, from the earliest days when wrestling was king to the vibrant independent scene of today.Beginning in 1880 with tales of circus stars and barn-storming grapplers, “Bluegrass Brawlers” chronicles the evolution of a sport and the city that embraced it. Louisville was one of many towns to play host to William Muldoon, the “solid man of sport” and the first true professional athlete in American history who proved to be the first true villain in Louisville wrestling history.Louisville bore witness to the first golden age of the sport in the years leading up to World War I. Top stars like Joe Stecher, Charlie Cutler, and the Zbyszko brothers all wrestled on stage at the opera house, and the sport's first true superstar gained the name that would make him famous here – Ed “Strangler” Lewis.Promoter Heywood Allen made weekly wrestling a local tradition in the late 1930s, playing host to world champions like Orville Brown, Cowboy Bill Longson, Lou Thesz, and Mildred Burke. Louisville also saw a number of masked men, freaks, and novelty acts pass through town as well as weddings, and alligator, and the legendary Ginger the Wrestling Bear. Allen was one of many promoters to bring African American stars to prominence, including Louisville's own “Black Panther” Jim Mitchell.In the 1960s Louisville saw the in-ring debut of the greatest manager of all time, teenage Bobby Heenan. Then in 1970 Louisville became the number two town for the hottest promotion in the country, Jerry Jarrett's Memphis Wrestling. For more than two decades the city thrilled to the Tuesday night showcases starring Jerry Lawler, Dutch Mantell, Bill Dundee, and dozens more. Louisville also became part of the proving ground for future stars like Hulk Hogan, Randy Savage, Sting, the Ultimate Warrior, the Undertaker, Kane, the Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, and the Louisville Slugger, Jim Cornette.“Bluegrass Brawlers” covers it all, from 1880 to 2014. Through newspaper accounts, biographies, documentaries, and personal interviews, author John Cosper compiled the story of a city, a sport, and the unique impact both had on one another. The book also includes an introduction from Jim Cornette, more than 60 photos, and a final word from John Cena's former manager, Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin. “Bluegrass Brawlers” is a must read for wrestling fans, sports fans, fans of the great city of Louisville, and anyone who can appreciate a good tall tale.

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From the creators of the official WWE Encyclopedia, WWE 50 gives you the behind-the-scenes knowledge to become the ultimate WWE fan! Learn the Real Story Behind Key Events in WWE History: The split from the National Wrestling Alliance. Controversial figures and events from all eras. National expansion and the perilous risk involved. The legal and financial strife that nearly devastated WWE. Triumph in the Monday Night Wars. Innovations of WrestleMania, Raw, SmackDown, Survivor Series, and more! With Stunning Visuals and Insider Commentary.

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Tietam Brown

Vintage. 2017 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

After returning from seven years in reform school, Antietam "Andy" Brown finds himself plagued by the same macho curse that afflicted his charismatic but violent father, as he struggles to uncover the truth about his father's past and present. A first novel. Reprint. 25,000 first printing.

content?id=9CDMW tJNkcC&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

The Heat Islands

Macmillan. 1993 gbs preview - WWE Elite Collection AJ Styles Action Figure

Marine biologist Doc Ford finds his quiet life in his Sanibal Island stilt house interrupted by the murder of Marvin Rios, the island's most disliked resident. Reprint.

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