Wonderworld Elephant Pounding Ball

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Children can practice pounding with lovely safari character. Children can swing the trunk to open or close the gate to release the balls. The elephant pounding ball helps children develop cause and effect thinking and encourage practice of hand muscle.


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  • 41SmX3VH7GL - Wonderworld Elephant Pounding Ball
  • 31DoeoVBkWL - Wonderworld Elephant Pounding Ball


I purchased this for my 19 month old. You really need to hit the balls hard to get them in, and then you physically have to swing open the trunk to release them. From the pictures, I thought when the balls dropped in, they would roll down and swing open the trunk showing "cause and effect". I think by the time she can hit them hard enough to get them to drop, this toy will not hold her attention, if the balls rolled out, it might. Good construction, cute. Wish I loved it
Mimi - January 20, 2013
My toddler likes this toy. I wouldn't recommend it for kids under 11months just because you have to figure out the pounding part. The trunk was cracked a bit so I had to do some gluing.
Ariane - May 11, 2015
My granddaughter should love this. Sturdy with bright colors. She loves to hammer things so this should be ideal. Can't wait...
janice kirchhoff - November 22, 2013
well constructed and very cute. My 2 year old has been beating on this for 7 months and it still looks brand new.
Annie Purcell - July 12, 2014

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