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Prepare for the ultimate Voltron experience with the Black Lion Legendary Defender action figure. The leader of Voltron, the Black Lion's powers are known throughout the universe! This Black Lion Voltron action figure was designed with endless possibility in mind. With 29 points of articulation,...


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Fantastic Black lion! I watched the Netflix Show and I was thinking: wow. this is pretty impressive compared to the Original series that i grew up with. I knew the toys would be coming soon, but how are they? Well, pretty darn good for this new generation of kids to enjoy.Black lion has ratcheting front and rear limbs. Blue Chest piece that lights up once the sound button is pressed. Mini/Micro buttons on the limbs that know when the Blue/Yellow/Green/Red lions have been attached or removed for unique sound clips. The Lion's stomach pops out so you can place the mini figure inside: a nice touch, and also doubles as the sound holes for the speaker. And if the sound doesn't do it for you, there is also an off button on the back. Joints are stiff, and the legs offer decent leg articulation when in full Voltron Mode. (i.e. the hips and thighs can twist outward, and the legs can bend at the knees for cool striking/kneeling pose. The Head sculpt is pretty nice, as the mouth/face of Voltron can pop down. You can push up the face so that in Lion mode, you get a large gaping mouth and you can re-create any cat-meme you please. The Large Red Wings can move and spin freely with ratcheting clicks to ensure proper fighting position. The front legs are enclosed in the shoulders (flap opens) when transforming into robot mode from lion. The tail is rubber and doesn't move around like the other lions' tails, and can only move up or down into position. As a stand alone lion Toy, i feel that is is well made, however the individual limbs have somewhat a limited movement. Clearly the intention was for the Torso of the combined Voltron robot. I would highly recommend acquiring the other lions to fully utilize the sound functions.My kids (6 & 3.5) have watched the show with me and now they can play with the toy! It's like the 80s all over again, but this time i can share it with my kids. Overall impressions are great, too bad they can't make a die cast version like the original: everything is plastic.. but feels of a sturdy plastic and not brittle. Hopefully this will be one of the toys that will define my kids' childhood, as the original Volton lions did for me.
Chezee - January 6, 2017
AMAZING TOY! Great articulation, so many sounds, and is so sophisticated on how the sounds work. But DON'T BUY THIS FOR $40-$65 EVER! I was able to find this at my local Toys R Us for only $29.99. Shame on these people for trying to rip customers off.
HumidToku - January 2, 2017
nice quality in appearance. good quality plastic. this is the 18" dream works Voltron set of 5. my only gripe is that, once assembled its almost impossible to stand it up for a pose because it is kinda heavy, so the joints fold due to the weight. also, the erganomics of the assembled voltron doesnt allow for the knees and ankle joints to be properly positioned to stand upright. its like this Voltron was designed to lean back up against a car and light up a Matthew McConaughey in the movie Dazed and Confused; since it cant stand upright due to the ankular joint angularific lean. lol. regardless my son loves it and it will last a long long time. not a "cheap" made toy. just the stupid ankles/knees wont let you stand him up. oh, and "popping" the lions together to make Voltron...the "push in" action to assemble the lions is kinda hard for a little dude.
JUNK HATER - November 30, 2017
My 3 year old son loves Voltron and was so excited when Santa brought the black lion this year! He received the 4 other lions from his grandparents and couldnt wait to put them all together to form Voltron!! My husband watched the original show in the 80s and I think he was just as excited as our son.I found the lions very easy to combine but the red and green lions (The arms) are a little tricky to get back apart.The black lion is the one that talks. It says a lot of different saying with a push button and even acknowledges when each of the other lions are clicked into place!A very cool toy and I would recommend this to any fan of either version of the show!!
Kristen Terwilliger - December 28, 2017
I love these toys! They have many moving parts and joints. Each lion is unique, consistent with the show. The Black Lion is awesome with the larger size, "wings", huge sword and the audio voices, very cool. It is a fairly easy and straightforward process to "massage" all the lions into their "Voltron formation." The weapon accessories are cool and unique. My fav is the yellow lion which has a "clip" of four little blue plastic discus. The rest of the weapon accessories only fire one projectile, then you have to reload. It was especially neat to hear all the Black Lion unique audio cues when actually assembling Voltron!
Amazon Customer - December 29, 2017
Really enjoy this, especially as a nostalgic Voltron fan from the beginning. Brings back wonderful memories! Have to buy all the other lions to get the full effect yet the lions individually are cool too. I hope they come out with different combiner lions in addition to these. Can't wait until my son is old enough to enjoy this like I did!
John Hawkins - May 11, 2017
I formed Voltron already. I have a second set to showcase the lions along side the merged version. Large and very detailed. Stand stable and looks just like the cartoon does. let's go Voltron force!
ShinMadman3rd - May 10, 2017
My son loves this but I find it very ridiculous that once you attach a lion, it stops saying all the other phrases and demands that you also get the other lions. For Christmas my son got the lions that formed the arms and we basically had to go get the ones for the legs because the black lion kept saying WE NEED THE YELLOW LION, WE NEED THE BLUE LION.
4324120 - January 26, 2018

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"I can't just storm in and proclaim my intentions. I can't ‘steal' you away. I just have to wait and hope that, someday, you'll ask," Tamani said. "And if I don't?" Laurel said, her voice barely above a whisper. "Then I guess I'll be waiting forever." Although Laurel has come to accept her true identity as a faerie, she refuses to turn her back on her human life—and especially her boyfriend, David—to return to the faerie world. But when she is summoned to Avalon, Laurel's feelings for the charismatic faerie sentry Tamani are undeniable. She is forced to make a choice—a choice that could break her heart.

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"This volume collects issues #1-#6 of the Dark Horse Comics series Black Hammer"--Title page verso.

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