Transformers Op Evolution Action Figure (2 Pack)

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Lowest price Product: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Evolution Exclusive Action Figure 2-Pack Bumblebee - $24.99



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Lowest price Product: Transformers 4 Age of Extinction Evolution Exclusive Action Figure 2-Pack Bumblebee - $24.99



Bumblebee meets Bumblebee in this awesome 2-pack! You can see the evolution of your favorite Autobot from then to now in these 2 Bumblebee figures. Both your classic and your Age of Extinction Bumblebee figures convert from robot mode to sports car mode and back! Can the Decepticons handle not...


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Lets begin by saying that I can not give a review on any deluxe Bumblebee without comparing them to BB Bumblebee. Its just the ultimate best adaption of the screen version of this world wide beloved TFcharacter. Now the same goes for this A.O.E bumblebee. As far as his car mode it's very nice I love this 2014 camaro design with the black rims. It looks really cool and aerodynamic. Love the slit headlights and the new racing stripe. However it's the paint that takes a dive. Its two tones of yellow and it stands out, I have to admit the slingshot suffer from the same deficiency yet it isn't as visible as this bumblebee. You can simply look and see the difference,but the overall look is very attractive and perhaps you can overlook this minor application. Now his transformation is really impressive and he has some added designs that would've made the BB Bumblebee a masterpiece as well as a classic if he had it. Get into that later. Only part of his Tformation that makes you feel Like you have to be extra careful is separating his grill, you have to put a little umf into it and you'll feel like you may just break the tabs. His chest plate gimmick is absolutely genius and creative, you open it up,place the vehicle grill inside and close the chest plate,and what you come away with is a very detailed movie accurate chest's fabulous. His legs is also a highlight of this figure not just for the movie look but even more so the Tformation. Unlike the BB version his trunk doesn't hender poseability. The design on this one is That you Tforms his trunk to become his calves and they rest behind his legs and out of the way and his tires are also tucked away. If BB had this incorporated into his Tformation he would've been a collectors classic. Now not only does the chest plate and legs look incredible, his torso is also highly detailed and marvelous. Head sculpt is spectacular and the paint apps therein. I like what they've done with the battle mask although it doesn't completely cover his whole face it really doesn't have to, it looks great the way it is. And it has this tiny Autobot insignia on his forehead fully detailed. the minus points on this figure?...sorry he has a few. Not many but they are big minus points...his back kibble that sits above his head, I absolutely hate it. They could've done exactly what they had done with the BB Bumblebee there was so much room for it to be achievable. But what really burns my T-Cog is of course these horrible panel arms! why? Like Hasbro enough of this...please! They added a little gimmick, and I mean little. His arm flips to reveal his little cannon.....awful!. I'd rather had had him come with a detachable cannon that was movie accurate to the claw cannon he had in the movie. This idea was a joke...and I'm not laughing. He comes complete with Cybertronian death stars/ninja stars whatever that has weapon storage in the car mode and in robot mode they can be stored on his back. I gave him 4stars because of his overall look in both robot mode and vehicle mode. His minuses in my opinion aside from the panel arms can be overlooked, they don't do him that much of an injustice...I would recommend him, I won't goes as far as to say highly. He's a very solid figure none the less. And I can honestly say he's worth all the buzz.
tfcollect - September 13, 2014
This is definitely a pretty cool transformer to have. He's just awesome, and looks great in both his robot and vehicle modes. 🙂 Obviously I'm talking about the Age of Extinction Bumblebee in the set. As shown, you get not one, but two transformers in this pack. You get the Age of Extinction Bumblebee and you get the G1 Bumblebee.The Age of Extinction Bumblebee is the big selling point of this set in my opinion. He looks awesome in both his vehicle form and his robot form. 🙂 He comes with two chakramlike weapons, and one of his hands flips to change into his arm blaster, which is a pretty cool feature to me. His helmet is able to be moved down (I think this is meant to change it into his battle mask), but it only covers his eyes. They don't explain how far down the mask is made to go in the instructions, so know that it's only meant to go over his eyes. I accidentally broke mine because of the confusion, but it was easy to fix with some crazy glue. In his robot form, he's very posable and you can have his strike some cool poses. One thing I will say is that transforming him for the first time can be a bit hard, but once you do it a few times, it becomes much easier. 🙂 Whether you're a fan or a collector, I guarantee you'll be glad you bought him. :)Now, the G1 Bumblebee is a lot more simple. I think it's odd to call it a G1 Bumblebee since the G1 Bumblebee turned in a VW Beetle. Anyway, this one is a lot smaller than the Age of Extinction one, so he takes a lot less time to change back and forth. He doesn't really have any special features like the Age of Extinction Bumblebee, but he does come with a transforming gun. The thing about the gun is that it's too big and too heavy for him to hold in his robot form, you can attach it to him in his vehicle form though. Anyway, despite his small size, he's still a cool transformer. 🙂 He's easy to change back and forth, and he looks pretty good in his robot form.
Kevin Franklin - November 1, 2014
My experience with my 4 year old grandson was that one of the cars was just a little too much for him. The more complicated one we put away until he required less assistance. He loves them! The reviews I read before reflected this so my experience was not entirely unexpected. I would recommend them and buy them again.
Jennifer L Ault - January 3, 2017
The figure is actually nice and has some weight to it. It's not big but good to add to your collection. I've ordered three figures from this seller and the packaging is always an issue and how they arrive. If you have a child who just wants to play with figures then this seller would be fine. If you collect these figures I can't recommend them because the display cards will likely have damage.
Reegus F. - February 14, 2017
Son loves this toy. It is a bit frustrating for him to transform. But he loves it. I would buy it again for him.
Bria - July 24, 2016
Size photo.
... - July 17, 2015
Bought for my 4 year old. He loves all things Bumblebee. I have to help transform back and forth as it is fairly complex. Nice value also that comes with the companion, old school, small scale Bumblebee. It is not the original Volkswagon Beetle, but in Robot mode, it is a pretty good throwback likeness.
jzondo - September 1, 2015
Cliente de Amazon - April 26, 2017

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