Transformers MPM04 Optimus Prime

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Transformers MPM04 Optimus Prime

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  • Transformers Takara Tomy MPM-04 Masterpiece Movie Series 10th Anniversary Optimus Prime Action Figure C0893
  • Includes Articulated Hands, Rifle, 2 x Removable Energon Swords Hasbro Masterpiece Movie Series, MPM-04 Optimus Prime
  • New Movie Masterpiece series features Masterpiece renditions of popular characters from the Transformers Movie Franchise
  • MPM-04 features Masterpiece Optimus Prime, including alternate mask, articulated figures and more!
  • Optimus Prime transforms from his telltale semi truck to leader of the heroic autobots and back!

Product Description

New masterpiece optimus prime transformer very hard to find

Transformers MPM04 Optimus Prime, Hasbro

Price: $89.50
as of November 7, 2018 5:44 pm  
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The first bit is that the new Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime has been found in Singapore, and the second bit is a pictorial review of the new masterpiece figure. The sighting is backed up by Planet Iacon, where a display with the figure was found at...

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Along with the official images from Prime 1 Studio directly of their Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen highly articulated (and detailed) Jet Power Optimus Prime statue, we also have a first in-person image of the piece - as well as a first look at a...

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New Images of Movie Masterpiece MPM 04 Optimus Prime Properly Transformed

April 28, 2017 -

Do you want more images of the newly revealed MPM 04 Optimus Prime? Here are many more and what makes these extra special is that you finally see him properly transformed. These are all provided by Notrab on Weibo. We can finally see how different...

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That did not tell us much since the gimmick this time around is that each Transformer has three different faces they can switch to. We see a few of these in the gallery we now have on our site and we now know that along with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee...

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