ThinkGeek Minecraft Wall Torch Pack of 2

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Lowest price Product: Minecraft Think Geek Wall Torch by Think Geek - $24.99



ThinkGeek Officially Licensed Minecraft Light-Up Wall Torch


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Very useful for stopping Monsters from spawning in my apartment. Also useful to avoid stubbing my toe in the middle of the night.
- June 12, 2013
Torch arrived broken. Please see photo. While it might hang on the wall if I fit that piece in to place, if you stop holding the piece, it falls off. (We have another one of these we bought at GameStop and this piece doesn't come off of that one, so this one is defective.)
- December 1, 2016
I bought this for a gift, and it is awesome! My friend said her son loved it! She said he carries it around with him all of the time. The only negative she had was that it doesn't have an automatic timer. I liked that it was reasonably priced which allowed me to pad his gift with some extra items as well.
- July 26, 2016
Bought these for my nephews and they loved it! My only real complaint is that the little fold out that allows you to hang the light on the wall broke off real quick. It's only attached on with a plastic hinge. Definitely not designed for real world child use. I wish they would have included a separate wall hanger instead to make mounting and dismounting this easier.
- October 24, 2017
As an adult, I thought this was the lamest present to give a kid- a flash light. Ranks right up there with bags of pennies for Halloween or Toothbrushes for Easter. However, my nephew, 9, was semi in to this. It wasn't his all time favorite item but he requested it. He loved the fact that he could hang it next to his bed at night and that was about it. Really, there was nothing else you could do with it. I feel like I over paid waaayyy to much for this item, but that's just MHO. Overall, if your in the market for a over-priced Flashlight that hangs on the wall, then you found the right item.
- January 26, 2016
What a cool torch! My son received this for his birthday (he had a minecraft birthday) He absolutely adores it, as does his sister. They both love turning off the lights and exploring the upstairs bedrooms and hallway with just the torch in hand. Comes in great for the Dad that's hiding just around the corner ready to roar!The torch is so cool, that the bottom piece flips out into a diagonal, to show nail hooks, so that it can be hung on a wall at an angle. How cool is that! Right now he doesn't want it hung, but loves that it can be at some point. to give him a little bed light, should be want one. Great sturdy product and looks really cool!
- September 18, 2014
This torch is so hot (excuse the pun)! I bought this for my son to use as a light on Halloween. When we opened the package, I had no idea what the piece at the bottom was, which is a triangular prism with a slot for a screw. That piece broke off, when my son accidentally dropped it. Since I didn't know what it was and saw two screws, I ended up unscrewing it to find nothing inside (so don't do what I did). When you flip that piece backwards, it creates an angle at the bottom and reveals two holes for screws or nails, so you can mount it on a wall! So, not only did we get an awesome Minecraft torch to carry around, but we also got a torch that attaches on the wall, the way it does in a castle or Minecraft!! I glued that piece back on, to form the angle, and mounted it close to my son's bed, so he can use it as a light at night when he needs it.
- December 25, 2016
My son loves Minecraft. He's got the games, and some lego sets, so I wanted something different to get for his birthday. I found this in my "you might like" section and they are right!He thought this was a really cool gift, and uses it a lot just playing around.I would have given it 5 stars however, the part that pops open to let it hang on the wall came apart. I won't blame it on the quality of the toy completely, because I can't say with 100% certainty he didn't break it himself. It did seem a little on the not sturdy side though. The over all quality toy, minus the part that broke for us, is really good. The rest of the plastic is very thick and sturdy. Maybe just a small design flaw.That said, the light isn't super bright, but it's not really meant for lighting your room. It's a fun toy and it is that. Definitely fun. Very neat gift idea for anyone who likes Minecraft. My son said it's made him feel like he was exploring the mines. So I'd say this toy was a great gift!
- April 4, 2016

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