Tegu Magnetron Magnetic Wooden Block Set

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Lowest price Product: 8 Piece Tegu Pocket Pouch Magnetic Wooden Block Set, Tints - $26.99



Encourage your budding builder to reach new heights! With the Tegu Magnetic Building Blocks, children can form awesome automobiles, creative creatures, tall towers, and more. The building possibilities are endless for hours of gravity-defying play.Made of tropical hardwoods that are sustainable,...


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I was hesitant to buy these, since they seemed so pricey for such small toys. I finally bought it to help entertain my 2 year old in restaurants on vacation, and I'm so glad that I did. They are really fun little magnet toys, and they are the perfect size to travel with and to keep in a backpack or diaper bag. I did some research on the company, and the highish price is due to the fact that they actually pay a fair wage and do community building. That's the kind of company I don't mind supporting. This toy will be a big help on our upcoming plane flight. (It's also been an addictive game for the grown ups to fiddle with. We might need to buy another set.)
Teacher Lady - March 22, 2015
Edited to add: My 3 year old was completely entertained during my 5 year old's soccer game. They both also just play with them randomly at home. I bought these because they were on sale and had great reviews. Both of my kids (ages 5 and 3) loved them immediately and we will be bringing on long trips or restaurants where they need to be entertained. They are a bit smaller than I expected (I know that I could have read the dimensions first) but my kids do love them. I wouldn't have bought them for full price, though. Also love that it comes with the pouch.
KT - May 4, 2016
I bought the 8 piece Tegu set on a whim for our oldest son when he was 1 and while they immediately interested him, they were also a little frustrating because he couldn't figure out that only certain sides will stick to each other since they are magnetic. By 2 he was much more adept at using them and integrated the blocks into all his other play (cars, blocks, trains, etc) so we bought bigger Tegu sets to add to his collection whenever they were on sale (these things are expensive). Now at 3 and a half years old, some of the stuff he builds with the blocks are downright impressive and you can tell how much they spark his imagination. We also have a 15 month old son now that fights over them. The Tegu blocks really grow with your kid and even my wife and I often find ourselves playing with them. I'd say these are the most used toys in our household.
Michael Velasquez - March 21, 2017
This set has exceeded my expectations. I wondered if 8 blocks would be enough to keep anyone entertained but these saves the day on a recent 17 hour car trip. Our 11 month old was fascinated with just two blocks for almost two hours. We put them away and got out the skinny blocks for another segment of the trip and he was entertained and not screaming for another 30 or so minutes.Our other children also liked them. The 7 year old played with the set for an hour.The blocks themselves are well constructed. They look and feel like solid wood blocks. If you look very closely, you can see a faint seam where the pieces are closed around a magnet. The magnets are strong enough to stick the blocks together and not fall apart but not so strong little hands can't intentionally release them.The envelop in which to store the blocks is very well constructed and easy to use. The blocks slip in easily and stay inside the envelop inside the diaper bag.The blocks themselves aren't what I anticipated but I like them. Because they are magnetized and magnets have poles, You can't build traditional block type structures with them but they are valuable for other forms of exploration and discovery. If you're looking for a building block, these are not for you. I like ECR4KIDS 64 block set for a really sturdy and high quality building block set.If you're looking for a high impact diaper bag toy that does not make (much) noise, this is a great fit.
Matt - June 12, 2016
I'd highly recommend a travel set to keep in your diaper bag for while you are on the go and need entertainment. We originally bought these as a new toy for our daughter to use on a long plane ride. It worked out perfectly keeping her busy for much longer than any other toy we offered. The travel size is also perfect for bringing with to entertain our daughter in restaurants while waiting for our food. The crayons they give out usually keep her occupied for a couple of minutes, but these blocks can entertain her for a lot longer. She can make a lot of shapes and it's less likely we lose any with the magnetic feature.
Melissa Weigand - February 23, 2016
I purchased because another mom mentioned it kept her toddler busy at the dinner table while out without having to resort to a device. My nearly 3 year old daughter loves blocks and duplos, and I thought great travel version!! Although she enjoys them so far (had them a month), she does get annoyed when they don't fit (the magnets have to be aligned appropriately--I.e., +- sides together rather than ++). I also think she'd like a few more blocks to work with (especially for its steep price). I know more pieces decreases the convenience of the mini purse container, but my daughter would enjoy it more with a few more pieces.
asen - November 8, 2015
I like it. My almost three year is only somewhat interested. I bought to entertain during traveling... liked the idea that the magnets would help keep blocks from "spilling" in public spaces. I have mostly used them at appointments I've had to bring her to...appointments for me and I needed her to play quietly in the stroller. They mostly served their purpose. I think the playability would be better with a larger set.I would NOT recommend this color scheme. The paint chipped of the blocks immediately after the first opening...with hardly any play. I haven't seen the other colors in person. If they are true tints and not painted I think they'd be a better investment. I don't like the idea of paint flakes on my kids hands at this age. Plus, I specifically picked this color scheme for the bright, girly-ish colors that are now wearing off. Disappointed.If I had to do this over again. I would buy a large, tinted or natural Tegu set. I would take a few pieces out of the large set and make my own "pocket pouch" set. Happy playing!
jcm04h - November 20, 2017

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