Teen Titans Go Teen Titans Action Figure (6-Pack), 2″

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Lowest price Product: Teen Titans Go Teen Titans Action Figure (6-Pack), 2" - $39.98



Bring home this Deluxe Six Mini-Figure pack of Teen Titans Go! Features 6 characters from the animated series: Raven, Beast Boy, Robin, Cyborg, Starfire and Silkie.


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I want to immediately state that my review for this product is not a reflection of the great service I received from the vendor; they promptly filled & shipped my order. Tthe figures I ordered I ordered simply left a lot to be desired.They are TINY and this is an issue for multiple reasons. The first being a choke hazard. I watch my daughter, having just open the package, immediately put Silkie into her mouth, walk over to me, and spit it back out onto my hand. Sounds gross and it was, but if you ever watch the show you’ll know why she did that with Silkie. She could have easily choked on the piece, so I immediately confiscated the little worm and hide it from her. The second and more annoying complaint as a result of their overall size was their TINY feet. With the exception of Cyborg, the rest of the TTG figures have BIG head with tiny feet. In other words, their center of balance is all messed up and it was a struggle for this grown adult to get the figure(s) to stand up straight, especially Raven and Beast Boy. Sure I can bend the legs to get them to stand, but eventually the legs would move back to their original position and the figures would topple over once again.The paint job on some of the figures was off; Cyborg was less brown and more zombie grey, and Robin was less of a fleshy guy and more albino. Oh, and figures ARE NOT POSEABLE.Worse yet was the price I paid for this collection; each piece roughly came out to be around about $3 each, not counting Silkie. For $1 I can (and did) purchase bigger and more resilient toys from McDonalds. Heck for the price I paid for these toys ($15), I got my daughter the entire Justice League AND DC Superhero Girls collection that recently ran at McDonalds. Yes I know that they're not TTG, but I wanted to make a note that I would have rather have spent the money of these figures on something else. For this reason (and a few others), I’m giving this TTG collection 3-stars. While they were dollar store quality figures, they weren’t much better. I would have difficulty recommending this product to any collector at the price point I purchase them at, maybe around $5, but not much more. As for parents, stick the Happy Meal toys for now; they're bigger and better built figures for far less.
ByLeo K - October 12, 2016
These are for collectors. So far we have broken Beast Boy, Cyborg, and Raven. The legs break off easily and poor Beast Boy's head came clean off. I tried super glueing them together but it was a very temporary fix. They are somewhat soft and flexible and break without hard play.
Leo K - January 7, 2014
I purchased these for my five year old in December. Almost six months later they are still fine, we've had no problems with them whatsoever. They are very cute, small figurines about 2 to 2 1/2 inches tall, which is clearly stated on the package. We knew we were buying miniatures. They will fit in the Teen Titans play tower, although they are just a wee bit smaller than the figurines with furniture that are sold especially for the tower (I think those are around 3 inches tall). We decided against the tower, but he played with his figurines in his cousin's tower.These are not "action figures" in the sense that they are large, playable doll-like toys with moving parts. These are smaller collectible figurines that he carries around in a plastic box for his small figurines. When he plays with them, he will walk them around and have them do things, but though their arms move, they aren't highly poseable like larger action figure dolls.All of the painting is precise and they are well made. Over the years the kids have gotten things like knock-off "little ponies" and "little pets"which have indistinct details, smears, wrong colors, incorrect cutie marks, etc. These are all just perfect and very cute. They are great for any young Teen Titans Go fan who is old enough to play with them and not choke on small parts. They came in one box as part of a large order that I placed, so I can't say as to how the shipping times would be if I ordered this item separately from the seller, however the whole order came in a timely matter within the guaranteed time.
Byanimosity - May 9, 2017
My son is a huuuuuge fan of Teen Titans. There is a severe lack of Teen Titan toys in stores and I knew that he would get a kick out of being able to really play with his favorite characters. I ordered this as a special surprise for him and when it came in I was not disappointed. They are perfect. Like the packaging says they are fairly small. You cannot pose or move them in any way but that doesn't seem to matter for my son. Sometimes they are a little hard to get them to stand up on their own. Especially, Cyborg because he is top heavy he tends to fall over easy. But, they serve their purpose of allowing my son to play his Teen Titan games all on his own.Pros:Teen Titans (I mean seriously!)Small but good size.InexpensiveCons:Not movable.A little top heavy.
animosity - July 17, 2015
The figures look great, but they're much smaller than I expected for action figures. Silky was just over an inch long, and was almost lost immediately, when he popped out of the package. The other figures are 2.5-3" tall, a bit smaller than most other figures. There's no description of the size, but these are more like collectible figures than ones kids could play with. This is a bummer, because my youngest is a huge Teen Titans fan, and I can tell he doesn't feel like he can play with them...
ByAngie A. - January 16, 2017
If you read my reviews, you will see that we have a few Teen Titans and Teen Titans Go fans in my house and we seem to have all kinds of paraphernalia related to the series. This little figurine set was purchased for my youngest son, who loves to carry figurines and/or plushies around. These are well made, and have taken quite a bit of abuse and are holding up quite well. He likes them - therefore these were a great purchase for us.
Angie A. - August 10, 2016
Cute toy but I'm disappointed that it's coming undone. I could have just the well packaged toy at the store 😑
ByZiare - December 13, 2016

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