Step2 Garden Fresh Kitchen Playset

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Step2 Garden Fresh Kitchen Playset

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  • Realistic spray nozzle arm can be moved left and right so little ones can pretend to wash the dishes and water the plants
  • "Chop" the plush veggies with the "chopping knife" to cook up scrumptious meals
  • Electronic stove burner features fun lights, sounds and a clicking knob
  • Oven and fridge double as storage space when playtime fun is done
  • Includes 29-piece accessory set

Product Description

The Garden Fresh Kitchen by Step2 will encourage budding green thumbs to plant! Bring the freshness of your very own "garden" indoors for your kids to play with. This kid's kitchen set can teach little ones the importance of healthy eating as they plant their own veggies. Mini gardeners will want to harvest their vegetables and cook a delicious meal just like mom and dad thanks to this pretend play set.

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