Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

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Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

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  • Elegant two-tone wooden cabinet with burled wood veneers
  • Rotating faux-leather game board with raised grid and gold foil stamping
  • Integrated storage drawer
  • Plated die-cast tile racks and timer
  • Urea tiles and deluxe scorebook

Product Description

Every word really is a winner when played on the luxury edition SCRABBLE® game. The rotating wooden game board features a faux-leather playing area, raised grid and gold-foil detail. And, the ivory-look tiles will look elegant on the gold-plated tile racks. All game pieces, including a timer and scorebook, store in a built-in storage drawer. Housed in handsome burled-walnut veneer case, this handsomely crafted game will become a family heirloom you'll enjoy displaying year-round.

Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game, WINNING SOLUTIONS

Price: $194.99
as of August 17, 2018 11:55 am  
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blank - Scrabble Luxury Edition Board
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Popular Science gives our readers the information and tools to improve their technology and their world. The core belief that Popular Science and our readers share: The future is going to be better, and science and technology are the driving forces that will help make it better.

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Gross is back and viler than ever! From the author of Oh, Yuck! the perennial bestseller about science with over 610,000 copies in print, comes OH, YIKES!, an illustrated encyclopedia of history’s messiest, dumbest, grossest, wackiest, and weirdest moments. If kids think pus and gas are fun, wait until they hear the lowdown on the real Dracula, samurai, gladiators, guillotines and vomitoriums, pirates, Vikings, witch trials, and the world’s poxiest plagues. Impeccably researched, deliciously wry, and subversively educational (check out the toilet-paper timeline), OH, YIKES! covers people, events, institutions, and really bad ideas, alphabetically from April Fool’s Day to zany Zoos. Here are the Aztecs, sacrificing 250,000 people a year for the gods—and for food. Fearsome Attila the Hun, scourge of the steppes whose spinning eyes terrified his friends and whose mastery of horses terrorized his enemies (how does someone so evil die? Nosebleed!). Saur, the 11th-century dog-king of Norway (and not too bad as kings go). Henry VIII and his marital problems, the story of the Abominable Snowman and the Loch Ness Monster, why sailors in the old days preferred eating in the dark (hint: you can’t see what’s crawling in your food), and the answer to the question, “How did knights in armor go to the bathroom?” Topped off with hundreds of illustrations and photographs along with hands-on activities that bring the past to life, OH, YIKES! puts the juice in history in a way that makes it irresistible.

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gbs preview - Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

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gbs preview - Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

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gbs preview - Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

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O retrato de Dorian Gray: The picture of Dorian Gray

Editora Landmark LTDA. 2014 gbs preview - Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

Oscar Wilde, um dos maiores nomes da literatura do século XIX, publicou inicialmente O RETRATO DE DORIAN GRAY no periódico norte-americano Lippincott's Monthly Magazine, em 20 de junho de 1890. Esta versão original é o lançamento que a EDITORA LANDMARK promove junto aos seus leitores, em uma edição bilíngue comentada com os 13 capítulos originais publicados pela revista norte-americana, sem as alterações posteriores de 1891, que a editora inglesa Ward, Lock and Company exigiu para lançá-lo no mercado britânico. Essas exigências e modificações viriam suavizar a trama, abrandando a influência negativa de lorde Henry e moderando o relacionamento de Gray com os demais personagens, constituindo assim uma segunda versão mais amena. Dorian Gray é um belo e ingênuo rapaz retratado pelo artista Basil Hallward em uma pintura. Mais do que um mero modelo, Dorian Gray torna-se a verdadeira inspiração para Basil. Devido ao fato de todo seu íntimo estar exposto em sua obra prima, Basil não divulga a pintura e decide presentear Dorian Gray com o quadro. Com a convivência de lorde Henry Wotton, um cínico e hedonista aristocrata muito amigo de Basil, Dorian Gray é seduzido ao mundo da beleza e dos prazeres imediatos e irresponsáveis, espírito que foi intensificado após, finalmente, conferir seu retrato pronto e apaixonar-se por si mesmo. A partir de então, o aprendiz Dorian Gray supera seu mestre e cada vez mais se entrega à superficialidade e ao egoísmo. O belo rapaz, ao contrário da natureza humana, misteriosamente preserva seus sinais físicos de juventude enquanto os demais envelhecem e sofrem com as marcas da idade. O desfecho da história é surpreendente, cujo segredo está n'O RETRATO DE DORIAN GRAY.


gbs preview - Scrabble Luxury Edition Board Game

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If you are a Scrabble purist, and feel a conniption coming on, might we suggest not wasting your "arvo" being a "wowser" over the change - because it only applies to limited edition Scrabble sets sold in Australia. To avoid any chance of a "biffo", the...

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Rather than taking his phone or wallet, the two assailants had made out with just two Scrabble boards. "They assumed there was something valuable in the backpack, For now, he is two boards down, but he has reached out to Hasbro, who manufactures...

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If you Google board game groups and clubs in Melbourne, the selection on any day of the week is vast. From Melbourne Boardgames group with almost 6000 members to Ringwood Social Games with just over 1100 members and the Melbourne Scrabble...

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