Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K, Red

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Experience intense head-to-head competition with the precision and power of the Nerf Rival Nemesis MXVII-10K blaster. This fully motorized blaster has a high-capacity hopper that holds up to 100 high-impact rounds. Fill the easy-loading hopper and unleash a blistering blast of rounds at a...


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This is a costly blaster at 100 USD, but it is a solid and straightforward blaster designed for older kids (the target market is for those fourteen years of age and up). My ProChrono Digital chronograph measured the speed of the balls fired by this stock Rival Nemesis blaster at an average of 95 feet per second (FPS), which is only a hair shorter than the advertised 100 FPS advertised. For the review I used the 100 official Nerf Rival Rounds that it came with, but there are cheaper knockoffs (like the colorful Headshot Rounds that you could also get through Amazon/ eBay). This was also with the use of 6x 1.5v D-sized alkaline batteries (not included). That said, the Nemesis was a much anticipated blaster because of it's advertised 100 round capacity, the highest capacity commercial Nerf blaster ever released by Hasbro. Like paintball guns, it has a solid and secure yet easily removable hopper that is very simple to unlatch and swap out at any given time, but the primary reason for doing this is to clear a jam (this is according to the instruction manual that the Nemesis came with). Of course, if you have another hopper, you can also easily swap it in and continue firing another hundred rounds (seriously, if you need 200 rounds, maybe this is not the game for you, just kidding, lol). This blaster is fundamentally the same as it's older brethren, the Khaos and the Zeus as far as electronic design. The manner that makes it superior is that it is hopper-fed. You can open the hopper door and dump in Rival rounds and subsequently fire them off at a moment's notice. With a magazine-fed blaster, you have to reload it and then reinsert it in order to be able to finally fire a round off. This reloading-on-the-fly feature is the only advantage that the Rival Artemis had over the other Rival blasters, and now we have a flywheel blaster that can also reload on the fly and has more than 3 times the ammo capacity of the Artemis. Overpowered (OP)? You bet. There are agitators under the hopper (that look like little plastic half-stars) who's job it is to dislodge the balls down into the conveyor belt feeding mechanism and into to the horizontally mounted flywheels which spit them out of the barrel as soon as they get there. This process makes the hopper container look like a popcorn machine when the Nemesis is getting low on ammo. It also means that there is nothing coming out of the Nemesis when you still have ammo in the blaster, because it didn't get there yet (meaning the agitators are imperfect and are still trying at the moment to dislodge all the balls into the conveyor belt). This leaves gaps in-between otherwise steady streams of fire. You can shake the blaster to help the agitators do their job, but if you are moving around the battlefield, this problem should be less apparent. This is pretty much the only thing that I can think of where the other Rival blasters have some kind of advantage over the Nemesis, and it is not much of an advantage. The battery tray is removable by unscrewing it and sliding it back before lifting it off. There is a Nerf Rival rechargeable battery that is also sold by Hasbro, but obviously it is sold separately. Moving down the the main trigger we find that it is really concave. Beneath it, we find the the acceleration trigger (or "rev trigger" as it is typically called) is also shapely, but the bottom part of the acceleration trigger has an edge of plastic that seems to poke your finger a bit when it is pressed. There are safety lock switches on either side of the blaster, just above the trigger which are easy to access (to prevent accidental revving?). The rest of the ergonomics is otherwise perfect. There are a few sling mount locations on the Nemesis: one under the rear, one under the middle, and a twin sling mount in the front reminiscent of the Nerf Demolisher's. Directly connected to this is what looks like a giant faux flathead bolt screw, and at the top of it, a flip up iron-sight mounted like a unicorn's horn. When flipped down it almost looks like a mini bayonet. It looks like it could hurt if you ever hit someone in the face with it (please use caution). For whatever reason, the Nerf design team gave the Nemesis holes in the front chassis (the under-barrel area) where there is a lot of dead space. I can foresee dirt particles, tiny rocks, and grass shavings getting caught in there, but it does look cool and provides an aesthetic that I believe is worth the annoyance. In conclusion, even with minor imperfections like slightly weaker-than-advertised stock velocity, ergonomic annoyances during operation, gaps in firing due to slow agitators, and of course the hefty price tag, this solid and straightforward Nemesis blaster is likely the greatest Nerf blaster on the market and rightfully so. Whether it is worth the 100 dollar price tag when essentially it uses the same electronics as it's Rival brethren is up to you. I for one feel 100 rounds make the Nemesis too OP with way too much more ammo over others using 12, 30, and even 40 round capacities. Still, provided the price goes down a bit, I can see it being more welcomed into the Nerf community as the next step in foam-flinging entertainment. Five-star recommended. Op schmo-P, take my money!
ByMark Masaki - July 22, 2017
My Grandson loved his new nerf gun.
Mark Masaki - September 18, 2017
This gun is awesome and our boys LOVE them.
ByBJ - September 25, 2017
BJ - September 25, 2017
great gun!!!!
ByBoymom11 - September 4, 2017
Great Gun!! Very impressive
Boymom11 - September 23, 2017
This gun is amazing and does what you have always wanted in a nerf gun. The gun is very powerful and shoots very fast and with 100 rounds it is really hard to miss your target. It is compatible with the rechargeable battery nerf has and is almost a must have as it increases performance a lot. The blaster is pretty heavy, but it has very good weight distribution so it is comfortable to use for a long time. Overall this is a must have for any nerfer and is one of the best guns ever from nerf.
ByCalitrend - July 17, 2017
The 2016 Rival Khaos was the best ever Nerf blaster when it came, but Nerf failed to make extra magazines available until earlier this year. The Nemesis is much the same weight and dimensions as the Khaos, but with 250% of the official ammo capacity of the Khaos. Why would anyone buy a Khaos now? Price and possibly for (slightly) greater realism.The big difference between the Khaos and the Nemesis is the hopper feed system, and capacity. With the hopper there is no tedious filling of magazines, just flip the loading door open, drop in balls, and secure the door again. This allows for quick and easy refilling on the go; more time spent shooting and less time spent reloading.The Nemesis also has sling attachment points, two at the front (for right- or left-handed shooters), one in the middle, and one just in front of the butt. These were missing on the Khaos and most previous Nerf Rival blasters. Being able to free up your hands but not put down your primary blaster is very desirable.As always with the battery-powered blasters, the motor is VERY noisy, even noisier than the Khaos to my ears. I think the large empty spaces in the blaster are acting as a sound box. This might be alleviated with some form of modification.Where do Nerf go next? Why not bigger capacity hoppers that fit the Nemesis as an add-on item? The hopper holds 100 balls, but as gravity is the primary feeding mechanism and there's lots of that, why not 200? The hopper would be bigger, but not much heavier, and the balls are very light so the added weight of extra ammo would be insignificant. The hopper is completely detachable, so you could pop off the 100 ball hopper and slap in a 200 ball hopper.There is a Nerf Pistol in the pipeline, the Kronos, with a 5 ball capacity. That seems paltry after 100 shots, but leads to a different sort of Nerf battle, with more sneaking, running and sniping. Sometimes picking up the 100 balls you just fired in 20 seconds gets tedious, so there's plenty of scope for smaller capacity blasters too.
Calitrend - July 26, 2017

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