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A squeezable stuffed animal is a toddler's best friend and Nat and Jules offers just about every likeness a kid could desire. Life-like pets, jungle animals and farm friends come in so many shapes and sizes, while silly monsters and hip fairies bring imagination to playtime. And whether it's our...


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I have no idea where we got this little frog, but it became my two year's favorite stuffed animal. He slept, ate, and took him everywhere. One day while shopping he got left behind in a shopping cart and we were devastated!! Not knowing the brand or where he came from I did some research and came across this guy on Amazon. I was worried because the green seemed a lot brighter online but gave it a shot anyway. When he came in the mail there was no doubting that he was the one! He's very floppy, and a darker green. My son was so happy. Think I might need to order a couple more just in case!!
ByAbbey Hill - January 28, 2017
So soft!
Abbey Hill - August 14, 2017
It's cute but does not look like picture. It's much darker green and smaller than I thought it would be. My kiddo liked it ok.
ByJulie L Rein - September 29, 2016
Looks nothing like the picture. The nose is brown not red... The fur is definitely more of a dirty brown color than a grey.
Julie L Rein - March 9, 2015
Nice and cuddly, but a strange color--dark olive. Returned in favor of the Gund.
ByLmott - May 5, 2015
Very soft and cuddly!
Lmott - January 8, 2016
Just the softest, most adorable stuffed animal!
Bysly80 - January 24, 2015
Few I n love with this guy
sly80 - August 23, 2016

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Enslow Publishing. 2016 gbs preview - Nat and Jules Loungerz Plush Toy, Zebra Jacamar

Author Linda Bozzo and the American Canine Association provide readers with accessible information and adorable full-color photographs of Labradoodles. Students will learn whether a puppy or adult dog is right for them, what to feed it, and how to keep it clean and healthy. Also included are a Note to Parents that stresses the importance of spaying or neutering and microchipping pets, a Words to Know section to help young readers learn new vocabulary, and a Read About Dogs section to encourage further exploration

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