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Lowest price Product: Animation Characters "Kay" Toy, Kids, Child, Korean Animation "Robot Train"Transformer Train Robot character - $29.90



Create one-of-a-kind animations using the Minecraft Animation Studio! Inspired by the virtual game, this exciting toolkit comes with everything you need to make your favorite characters come to life. Choose from one of six iconic environments to set the stage for your movie then use the...


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The price is a bit high I think for what you get. But, I got this for my 9 year old son's birthday and he really likes it. In the box you get a large green "grass" stage, 2 dual sided cardboard background pieces, a phone/tablet stand, various blocks and several figures. My son is using this with a Fire HD 7" and the stand will hold it, but it does slide a bit since he has a bulky silicone case on it and the ridges aren't quite large enough. I think the other reviewer is not using the stand correctly. You place the stand with the post in front and the ridges behind. Turn your phone/tablet around so the screen is facing you and the camera is facing forward. Place your device BEHIND the post, lean it against the post and the ridges hold it from sliding backward. Though if your device is very large or bulky like my sons Fire HD 7" silicone case makes it, the ridges might not be deep enough to hold it very well. I suppose you can always modify it if it's a problem. Getting the correct angle to get the set in the camera frame is probably the hardest part - it would be nice if the background was slightly larger because if you zoom out to get more of the stage in the frame, the background isn't large enough.I bought my son extra figures to go with this, they are easily found in physical stores and on Amazon. The only problem is you cannot buy any extra "set" pieces. You can't get any extra fences or TNT blocks or any of the other fun pieces my son would like to have. Hopefully in the future they will? My son has plenty of the other Minecraft figures and blocks that have been out for a while, but those are a larger scale so they do not work with the animation studio.I was a little worried about the app working on my sons Kindle, but since he has the newest model the app works just fine. Overall my son is happy with it having fun making his little videos.
- August 21, 2015
My eight year old son, like most others his age I know, is a Minecraft fanatic so was super excited to get this kit and start making his own live-action Minecraft videos.Given the high price point, I expected more than this skimpy set provides. There’s a larger grass block stage, where all the action takes place, a background with four scenes, a stand to hold the “camera" (android or Apple phone or tablet, or a Kindle Fire), a few Minecraft style blocks in various configurations, a tiny sword, pickaxe and torch and four plastic Minecraft figures, plus a spider.The idea is that you use the stage to create a stop-action animated film with a free app you download.Like all stop action, it’s a tedious and slow process, which my son learned quickly. The most frustrating part was that, even with the stand, it’s hard not to move or shake the iPad when you push the button to activate the app’s camera, which can screw up the painstakingly laid out movie.The app does offer it’s own pre-made transitions and scenes to bulk out your child’s movie, and my son did have fun putting the film pieces together. He was actually super patient in the set-up of the shoot, actually surprising me how much he was into the fairly tedious work, it was only when things didn’t work as they should that he became a little frustrated.It’s also unfortunate that the scale here doesn’t line up with any other Minecraft toys/products. You can’t use the ubiquitous plastic figurines (which my son has tons of) because they’re way too large in scale, nor the foldable card-stock Minecraft pieces we also have because, again, the scale is wrong.My son spent a solid afternoon working with this set, and was very proud of the short movie he made with the app. But he hasn’t gotten it out since and has returned to just playing actual Minecraft.
- September 15, 2015
This is a cool kit to get started with stop-motion animation, but isn't going to give you anything that you couldn't devise yourself. The app that makes it all work is completely free, so if you've already collected your figures and have some other background or set, all you really need is a cheap/small tripod for your phone.Tips:Since standard animation requires 30 frames (pictures) to be taken for every 1 second of video, most initial attempts will end up looking like you've hit fast-forward. Kids don't realize how small of movements they really need to make. To combat this, rather than take 1 picture of each pose, take 2 or 3. It will make the motion a bit more "jerky", but since the figures aren't posable anyway, it's not a big deal. By default, the app is set to 15 frames per second, and you can adjust this. Even so, you still have to make very small movements.Notice that with the app, it provides an "onion peel" effect. That is, it displays a very light image of the last picture you took on the screen of your phone. Look carefully and it helps you line up your next pose, and you can put the camera back in place if you bump it.Put the background and the phone stand on something non-slip. A wood table or floor lets these things slide around easily.If you have a bluetooth selfie stick, use it to take each picture. That way you don't have to touch the phone/tablet at all and will be less likely to move it.Pros:+Compatible with existing Minecraft figures that are readily available in stores+Very good app that makes creating pretty easy+4 Different backgrounds+App allows you to change frame rates, edit, add effects, sounds, music and more. Tons of Minecraft sounds and music are built in.Cons:-Phone/Tablet holder doesn't sit completely flat and doesn't fit back into the box once assembled.-Editing could be easier in the app. In particular, sounds have to be added frame by frame. So if you have a person walking for 2 seconds and want to hear the footsteps, you'll need to edit a bunch of frames one by one to add the footstep sounds one by one. It would be nice to be able to multi-select frames and then add the same sound to each.-Would be cool if the app allowed voice-activated picture taking, or came with a little dongle or bluetooth button to trigger taking a picture-Not enough blocks. You can't really simulate or animate blocks being mined or built because there's not enough single blocks.-Would be better if the "ground" was also dual sided to fit in with the underground/lava backgrounds
- September 24, 2015

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The LEGO Animation Book

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Have you ever wondered what your LEGO creations would look like on the big screen? The LEGO Animation Book will show you how to bring your models to life with stop-motion animation — no experience required! Follow step-by-step instructions to make your first animation, and then explore the entire filmmaking process, from storyboards to post-production. Along the way, you’ll learn how to: *Create special effects like explosions and flying minifigures *Convey action and emotion with your minifigure actors *Design sets for animation — make three buildings look like an entire city! *Light, frame, and capture consistent photos *Add detail and scope to your films by building in different scales *Build camera dollies and rigs out of LEGO bricks *Choose cameras, software, and other essential animation tools Dive into the world of animation and discover a whole new way to play!

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Learn how to make stop-motion videos like a professional. Using tips and tricks from the experts, discover 2-D and 3-D techniques with puppets, clay-modelling, morphing and pixilation. From storyboarding to the editing suite, you'll find everything you need to know inside this mini stage set box.

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Animation Lab for Kids

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Introduce kids to stop-motion animation and animated filmmaking. Animation is everywhere--from movies and TV to apps and video games--and today's tech-savvy kids know all about it. With the accessibility and ease of use of cameras and video-editing software, people of all ages are learning how to make stop-motion animation. In "Animation Lab for Kids," artists, teachers, and authors Laura Bellmont and Emily Brink present exciting, fun, hands-on projects that teach kids a range of animation techniques. From the classic zoetrope, flip book, and cel methods (which don't require any devices or technology) to different methods of shooting, the lessons require no previous experience for either child or adult. Experimenting with a variety of art materials (drawing, clay, and paper cut-outs), young animators will learn to plan a film through writing, storyboarding, and creating sets. The book also features helpful and informative sidebars on the history of the early animation techniques as well as the inspiring work of innovative and influential animators, including Kirsten Lepore, PES, Hailey Morris, and William Kentridge. The authors are co-founders and lead teachers of The Good School, an arts-education school that cultivates and combines traditional art-making skills and the technologies involved in stop-motion animation filmmaking. They teach animation techniques at camps, schools, and events, including the New York International Children's Film Festival.

content?id=JijnBAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Brick Flicks

Skyhorse Publishing, Inc.. 2014 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Turn your bricks into blockbusters with this movie-making guide! You’ve seen the smash-hit film; now it’s time to step into the director’s chair and make your own. Forget big budgets, A-list movie stars, and exotic locations—this comprehensive guide will show you how to make a stop-motion movie using little more than a camera, a computer, and your own LEGO collection. From picking out the right gear, planning a story, and setting up shots, to animating minifigures, editing, and promoting your film online, Brick Flicks has enough tips and tricks to turn a popcorn prentice and into an Oscar-worthy wizard. Along with a brief history of Brickfilms, official LEGO shows, movies, and associated products, and a wealth of knowledge and expertise from some of the most popular Brickfilms producers out there, this is a must-have purchase for any budding directors, young or old, who want to turn their box of bricks into flicks.

content?id=gr aCwAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

The Secret Subway

Schwartz & Wade Books. 2016 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

"In 1870, Alfred Ely Beach invents New York's first underground train"--

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Innovation in Public Libraries

Chandos Publishing. 2017 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Innovation in Public Libraries: Learning from International Library Practice examines the recent activities of successful and innovative libraries around the world, presenting their initiatives in areas including library design, events and programs, and creating customer experiences. This timely guide provides an overview of these libraries’ successful experiences and identifies emerging global trends and themes. The author offers library practitioners guidance on how to pursue these trends in their own library environment, identifying achievable goals when planning building and design improvements, and developing customer interactions in order to emulate the experiences of international libraries. Presents a range of successful and innovative practices in one book, covering library innovation in building design, programs and events, and in customer experience and approach Provides an international perspective on library activities, with libraries in different countries discussed Analyzes the experiences of various libraries to identify common trends and themes Provides practical advice for librarians who wish to emulate the activities of the libraries discussed, with recommended goals to action Examines both the big picture of emerging global trends and themes, as well as highlighting the daily experiences of individual libraries

content?id=9bkLAAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Home Recording Studio: Build It Like the Pros

Cengage Learning. 2017 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

More and more musicians are constructing home studios as a cost-effective solution to creating and producing music in a commercial studio. "Home Recording Construction: Build It Like the Pros" presents a simple, step-by-step plan for constructing a home

content?id=ukYKDAAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

The Art of Kubo and the Two Strings

Chronicle Books. 2016 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

From LAIKA, the Academy Award®-nominated studio behind Coraline, ParaNorman, and The Boxtrolls, comes a new adventure set in a mythical ancient Japan. In Kubo and the Two Strings, scruffy, kind-hearted Kubo cares devotedly for his mother while eking out a humble living in their sleepy shoreside village. But when a spirit from the past appears, Kubo suddenly finds himself entwined in a violent struggle against gods and monsters. This fully illustrated book offers a behind-the-scenes view of the amazingly detailed artwork and unique stop-motion animation style involved in the film's creation.

content?id=w1ADDQAAQBAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

The Animator's Survival Kit

Macmillan. 2012 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

The Academy Award-winning artist behind Who Framed Roger Rabbit? draws on his master instruction classes to demonstrate essential techniques required of animators of any skill level or method, in an updated edition that provides expanded coverage of such topics as animal gaits and live action. Simultaneous.

content?id=4hclmQtR0rsC&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Stop-Motion Armature Machining

McFarland. 2002 gbs preview - Minecraft Stop-Motion Animation Studio

Stop-motion puppet animation is one of the most unusual and demanding art forms in the world. It uses a variety of skills, including design, sculpting, metal work, mold making and casting, taxidermy, filmmaking, storytelling and acting, and can be seen in the simplest commercial spots on television to more complex animated shorts and science fiction and fantasy feature films. This work, with over 200 photographs and illustrations, demonstrates the construction of armatures for film industry stop-motion puppets and the technical aspects of how to machine metal into the desired shape. It describes in detail the milling machine and the metal lathe, the two main tools used in constructing the armature, other cutting tools, and how the anatomical makeup of the puppet determines the armature design. The book then examines the six main types of joints used in armature construction: the sandwich plate ball-and-socket joint, the ball-and-socket collet joint, the step-block ball-and-socket joint, the swivel joint, the hinge joint, and the universal joint. Also described are the different types of metals used in armature construction.

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