Lillputiens Noah’s Ark Plush Playset Toy

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Lowest price Product: Lilliputiens, Noah's Ark - $69.99



The colorful noah's ark is extra soft and full of activities. The boat has a huge door in the front and transports 12 animals and 2 characters. Educational values: -stimulation of imagination -development of creativity and role playing -discovery of different animals -recognition, associations of...


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we LOVE this ark. most other arks are made with drab colors. this is bright and happy. i love all the matching animals. great for teaching animals and matching skills as well as imaginative play. baby loves the mirrors. my only complaint is that noah's wife's hair is made of yarn and sometimes gets caught in the sticky side of the velcro that closes up the ark's side. this certainly doesn't detract from the play value. so glad i bought this!
L. W. - July 8, 2011
I love the idea, the quality, the bright colors, the feel of this toy, BUT there is one con to it, the velcro that holds "the door" of the body of the ship is EXTREMELY scratchy. Even I, an adult, try to avoid touching it when reaching inside for fear of scratching my hand. Why would they use this type of closure on something intended for little kids' use? Why not use snaps? Otherwise a great buy.
Clueless - March 13, 2014
It was perfect! Colorful, soft, even Noah had gray hair.First, the manufacturer is top of the line...Belgium, I believe.Second, the price was right.Third, I would recommend it to anyone buying a memorable baby gift.Cris Oliver
Amazon Customer - March 7, 2014
Hi i have just received my noah's arc but we only received 6 animals and Noe and wife. It is not complete. What can I do? Thanks
Maricarmen Fernandez - March 28, 2014
Great gift for children.
Jo Kinzie - March 16, 2016
My friend really loved it.Nice gift for Christian baby.
Yang Tsung Yeh - August 24, 2015
A great toy for ages about 5 months, or as soon as a baby can hold something in his/her hand, to preschool-kindergarten. Washable (in a pillowcase) and durable. I recommend it and the rest of this line of toys to those seeking quality toys that hold up well.
Kay K. Rohde - May 19, 2011
very nice.
Amazon Customer - December 8, 2015

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Kaori Watanabe illustrated this charming world map. Puzzle measures 22 inches square with 25 jumbo pieces.

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Modern Vintage Style

Ryland Peters & Small. 2017 gbs preview - Lillputiens Noah's Ark Plush Playset Toy

In Modern Vintage Style, Emily Chalmers—interiors stylist and owner of hip boutique Caravan—shows how using vintage items in a contemporary context can introduce humor, flair, and personality to any home. Think antique and brand new, machine-made and handcrafted, shiny smooth and distressed, plastic and porcelain, all mixed up in a fresh, original way. Decorating should be fun and inspiring, so there are no style diktats; no “this-must-go-with-that”. Modern vintage is all about trusting your instincts and taste and using a bit of imagination in seeking out the right items to create a perfect balance of old and new. In the first section of the book, Inspirations, Emily offers up imaginative and varied examples of furniture, lighting, textiles, decorating, and collections & display. In the second section, Style, she shows you exactly how to pull the look together, applying her decorating philosophy so you can cook & eat, live, sleep, and bathe in tune with Modern Vintage Style.

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