LEGO Minecraft The Desert Outpost 21121

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Prepare for battle at The Desert Outpost! Experience The Desert Outpost with lookout tower, TNT launch and explosion function, 2 skeletons, Steve, Alex, a wolf and more. Hostile mobs are spawning like never before, and the desert is becoming a very scary place to be. it's time to build The Desert...


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We purchased this for our son for Christmas who was age 12 at the time. He loves Minecraft and plays the game daily, but he also has a great love for Lego's. So the combination of Lego with Minecraft was a real win-win for him. He is always excited to get a new Lego set and this one was no exception. I love the quality of the Lego products. We really appreciate that they not only are beneficial in helping children use their fine motor skills, but also to promote creativity. Our son has spent hours upon hours builing Lego sets. What is great about the Minecraft sets is that he can recreate new builds based off the game from all the various pieces included in the Minecraft the possibilities really are endless. He said that the instructions were easy to follow and that he really enjoyed this set. Some have mentioned that they feel it is a bit complicated. As with any of the larger Lego sets, it really just depends on each child individually. If they have been building Lego's for years as our son has, it is a breeze. However, I can see where for a younger child they may require a bit of help or assistance. Just another great way to spend some one on one time with your child, I mean Lego's are fun for adults too!The countless hours of building enjoyment that Lego provides is what makes these sets worth it. We paid full price for this product and I am not receiving any type of compensation, incentive, or reward for my review and I am not under any obligation to provide a positive review. I give honest reviews based on my own personal use and testing as well as the products performance and attributes. I recently started reviewing products not only because I enjoy it, but because I know how important product reviews can be in helping others determine the quality, effectiveness, and overall value of a product. Therefore, my purpose is to inform potential customers of any positive or negative attributes about the product they are considering purchasing in hopes that it will make the purchasing decision easier. If you find that this review has in any way helped you, please indicate so by voting the ‘YES’ button below.
Chris & Heather - May 18, 2016
My daughter and i love it! we love to play with Alex and Steve and build over and over again. The amount of blocks is really good and lets you build a lot of things, not just what the booklet suggests.
José JF - October 21, 2015
This grandmother loves Legos and have quite a collection. Why children/early teens love to visit. Minecraft is one series that I haven't work with and I found them interesting and fun. NOW of course want as many sets as I can find room for. 😀 Many no longer available from Lego so trying to collect as many as I can as understand how Legos work once retired. Out of reach price-wise.I find the Minecraft series fun to build and grandchildren enjoy their adventures with them. Though I don't think the Simpson minifigures really work with Minecraft series but what the heck!Patricia Hauge
Patricia Gillen Hauge - August 27, 2016
All of the LEGO Minecraft sets are wonderful. We own many of them and have been enjoying them all. Our almost five-year old son loves playing Minecraft on the computer with his dad, and then he gets to play with the characters again in the real world with his LEGO sets.
L. Langone - March 15, 2016
this was a gift for my 5 year old nephew. He lives 3 hours away so I had it shipped to his house. Haven't seen him play with it yet, but his mom says he loves and it and they sent me a video the day he got it with him telling me thank you and all the parts on the floor in front of him. The smile on his face was priceless. good service too. He got it in less than a week.
john z. - December 30, 2016
I bought several Lego sets for my grandson for Christmas and he loved them. He is working on getting every Lego set out and has a good start on it. He has assembled all the set he got for Christmas and is deciding which ones he wants for his birthday coming up in April.
P. Butler - January 19, 2016
My son loved this, he has expanded his collection and now wants all the sets. It comes with extra pieces apart from the ones used in the instructions and loved that part. Kept him occupied and focused for a few hours. Very nice.
Nireths - September 29, 2016
This was a gift for my grandson's birthday and he loved it. I am happy that he did but I feel that Legos are so overpriced for just a few little plastic pieces.
Amazon Customer - September 9, 2017

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Four new Lego Minecraft sets have been revealed!

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