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Take children on a jungle safari! Set of 5 popular animals-lion, tiger, gorilla, elephant and giraffe-all feature exquisite detail. Giraffe measures 9"L x 13"H. Includes Activity Guide. Ages 2+. 5 Pieces.


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The first set I ordered came missing the gorilla. Because I had gotten them at a cheap price (12$ on sale) I almost didn't exchange. I'm so glad I did. Please read as there were significant differences as you can see in the photos.the original I received size size were great. But the quality and "paint" job were awful. The seams were horrible and misaligned and the paint was so cheap looking. Honestly dollar store quality. However my son loved them so I exchanged for a new set since the one I order came missing the gorilla.The new set was so different! Much better quality wise. Although the the animals were slightly smaller than the original set, they were solid sturdy heavier plastic (original was light and could be squished). Also the paint design was so much more realistic with the replacement. I'm not sure what's going on with these items but they were almost like 2 completely different brands...but they both said learning resources. Take a look at the pictures and see what I'm talking about.Key points:Original order animals wereLargerLighter softer plasticsqueezableSeams and paint job poorReplacement order:Animals slightly smallerFirmSolid hard plasticSeams matched up, almost couldn't see themPaint/design more realisticThe original not as nice order came in a much larger box as you can see in the photo I uploaded.
ByHk - October 27, 2015
I'm a little surprised at the wide variety of reviews for these. Perhaps the sets are not consistent? All I can review are the ones we received and we are very happy with them. These figures are larger than I had expected. The Giraffe is 13" high and the elephant is 12" long. The colors are bright and vibrant and reasonably realistic. My little one is hard on her toys and so far these are holding up very well. I'll update this review if she starts to wear them out! These are not cheap but I found them to be a good value. As with many items on Amazon it pays to watch pricing on items like these. This set and the farm animal set both ran as recent lighting deals at almost 50% off. Score!Note: I see a lot of people trying to compare these to the Schleich animals. The prices are roughly similar with Schleich being slightly higher per figure. I ordered three Schleich animals that I think will be good to match with this set. I'll report back on how they compare!Update: I purchases three Schleich animals. I was curious as to how they would compare to the Learning Resources sets and I figured a few more animals in our collection couldn't hurt! Here is my overall comparison:Price - Learning Resources seem to average out as less per animal.Quality - Schleich animals are much more sturdy. Apparently they are solid while the Learning Resources animals are hollow. Honestly there are advantages to both here. My daughter is 3 years old and I prefer the softer Learning Resources animals. They are soft to the touch and fairly flexible. I feel they are safer for toddler play both on your child and on your furniture! The soft Learning Resources animals are not going to damage small hands or your coffee table. The Schleich animals are hard enough to do some damage if smacked against your furniture or you child!Size - Learning Resources animals are larger. Once again I find this better especially for younger children.Realism - Schleich wins this hands down. The detail of each animal is better with Schleich and the colors seems to be much more realistic. If these are for education purposes especially with school age children Schleich may be the way to go. On the other hand the brighter colors of the Learning Resources animals may be better for preschoolers.Now that I have had the change to compare both brands I still prefer the Learning Resources animals for preschoolers. This seems to be the target audience for these sets. For older kids you may want to look more seriously at Scheich.
Hk - December 25, 2013
Update: I contacted the company and within 2 days they had explained the error in defective kit (changing manufacturers) and promised to send me a replacement.Original review :I'm shocked at the poor quality of your jumbo animals. The farm set was somewhat ok (the painting on the horse was so sloppy) but the jungle set is horrible!I can't take them away from my 2 year old to return them. What is the solution?1. I've never seen a red tiger.2. The elephant has pink paint splatter3. The giraffe looks like his skin is pealing.4. The lions butt is glued on crooked!
ByC. Gahler - October 11, 2015
I hesitated a lot before I bought these because of the few not-so-good reviews, but I decided to buy them because of their unique size that I couldn't find anywhere else. I am SO happy that I did. These animals are beautiful! The details are great, the sizes are amazing, and they are really well-made! We have the Schleich animals, but I like these way more and so do the kids. They are hollow, yes, but that makes them more desirable to kids, especially the younger set. They don't hurt, poke, and while not cuddly, can be held close. Yes, they are made in China but so is every Schleich animal I've purchased. They have a slight odor when they come out of the bag, but did a quick wash with soap and water, and the smell was gone. All the animals stand up on their own, the elephant's legs that we got are perfect, and really, the details are excellent! If you are hesitating, don't. Buy them. You will not regret it. My kids from ages 1 to 9 all love playing with them. I am buying every set of these. Thank you Learning Resources for making these unique toys!
C. Gahler - June 22, 2013
Without exaggerating my daughter has played with these very day for the past 2 years. She loves them. Learning resources animals are such a great value compared to other brands. She has several of the sets and they all get constant playtime. I am sure she will be playing with theses until she is at least 6 and then I count on them being great for school projects.
ByLeah - April 13, 2017
Love these animals! They are a great size, and seemingly indestructible! They have been great in the tub as well. They will go to the pool and the beach this sunmer too. Four stars because if I had my way they would have either no holes so water can't get in at all, or a few more tiny holes to drain water better. As it is, they have one tiny hole woth which to drain water. Still love them though!
Leah - April 8, 2017

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