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A KOTOBUKIYA Japanese import! Kotobukiya continues its hit line of incredible Street Fighter Bishoujo Statues, adding another beautiful lady to the current collection including Cammy, Chun-Li, Poison, and more. Joining the fight is the young ninja who made her debut in Street Fighter III, IBUKI!...


  • 41wHDf%2BgwNL - Kotobukiya Ibuki Bishoujo Statue


The moment I came across this statue I had to have it. I was immediately sold on the artistry and pose of this statue, it just hit me like " WOW that is awesome!" and when I feel like that, I know that is something I need to own, especially when it comes to statues. Already Owning 3 other Kotobukiya Bishoujo I knew the quality would be good. However I didn't realize how good until I looked at her with my own eyes. I'm a graphic artist and love surrounding myself with what I consider beautiful art statues with-in my home studio. I also look at these as art references which is a bonus as they are just amazing looking pieces to own and have on display. If you like this statue just buy it, don't debate on it, just purchase it you won't regret it. Every angle is great, I absolutely love this statue and am very happy I acquired it.
jay - July 6, 2017
Kotobukiya's bishoujo line are some of the best statues around and Ibuki is no exception. Her pose shows off her nimble stealthiness while ready for any opponent with her kunai, yet her young carefree nature isn't lost with the smile on her face. It's well crafted with a good base and cool art inserts. I live and breath fighting games, especially Street Fighter, so this is definitely one of my favorite statues perfectly capturing the spirit of one of my favorite characters! If you can try and find the limited edition version of the statue you'll be extra lucky, as that version you can swap between masked and unmasked ibuki. All in all a awesome statue for any Street Fighter fan!
Aurungzaib Shahzada - November 14, 2017
What an amazing piece, this figure of Ibuki is definitely a favorite. from the fine detail to the perfect attack pose, I just really like everything about it.
Roland Thorne - September 12, 2017
Super-high quality figure for a great price! The detail on this figure is amazing. If you're a fan of Ibuki, you owe it to yourself to buy this figure! I would have expected to pay over $100+ for a figure of this caliber, but at it's current price of $60 (8/2/17), it's a steal.
Mob Psycho - August 2, 2017
Love her just love her and she was very well priced
Rei - December 31, 2017
greatest ibuki statue ever conceived
BOOTY MASTER - April 28, 2017
Bear - April 4, 2017
Kotobukiya has done it again! Beautiful piece! My buddy loved it
Hugh Jazzole - August 17, 2017

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Due to popular demand, UDON is proud to present Street Fighter: The Ultimate Edition, the most complete and comprehensive collection of the original Street Fighter comic material to date, compiled in an oversized format for distinguishing fans who want to see Street Fighter action like never before! For the first time ever, every single guest backup story, bonus story (from Newtype magazine and the 2004 Capcom Summer Special), guest cover, powerfoil cover and even every side-splitting "Cheap Shots" short from the original series can be found in one convenient collection! The collection will also be presented in an oversized format for fans who don't want to miss even the smallest detail! There never was a better way to join in the martial arts adventures of Ryu, Ken, Chun-Li and the entire cast of World Warriors than the Street Fighter: Ultimate Edition.

content?id=vd2znAEACAAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&source=gbs api - Kotobukiya Ibuki Bishoujo Statue

Street Fighter Origins

Udon Entertainment Corporation. 2017 gbs preview - Kotobukiya Ibuki Bishoujo Statue

Offers the origin tale of the world's most feared martial artist, and how he turned from a normal young man into a mad demon.

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Thicc, Beautiful R. Mika and Ibuki Street Fighter V Statues Incoming

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Sculpted by Hogarii (Jetstream), Ibuki stands just over 9 ½ inches tall (1/7 scale) balanced on one foot on her specially designed display base. Get this ninja fighter for your collection and display her alongside other Kotobukiya Street Fighter...

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Kotobukiya Releases First Street Fighter Ibuki Bishoujo Statue Images

August 26, 2016 - Action Figure Fury

During the recent SDCC 2016, Kotobukiya shared some design art for an upcoming Street Fighter Ibuki bishoujo statue. And now, they've just revealed the first images and details regarding the statue. For those who aren't familiar with the character, she...

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Kotobukiya Previews Upcoming Superhero and Game Bishoujo Figures

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Figure makers/sellers Kotobukiya had a host of upcoming Bishoujo figures designed by Shunya Yamashita to preview or tease at last weekend's San Diego Comic Con. Representing DC Comics is the Titan's Raven, on sale now ahead of a December release...

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New Kotobukiya Bishoujo statues in 2016 including Spider-Gwen and Harley Quinn

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February 23, 2015 - EventHubs

Previously the targeted release date for the Street Fighter Bishoujo Statue: Sakura figure was said to be 2015 Q3. Source:, Kotobukiya. More on Nostalgia costume colors 1-10 for Alex, Ibuki and Juri. All of Abigail's costumes and...

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Kolin Becomes Playable In Street Fighter 5 February 28th

February 10, 2017 - One Angry Gamer (blog)

At the end of the month gamers will be able to play as the instigator of the story mode for Street Fighter V, Kolin. In the game they referred to her as Helen at one point but as part of the roster her name is Kolin. She becomes available to play as...

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