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KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set


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I noticed a lot of the toys that are shown in other pictures are were missing, but they would have probably ended up broken. Just after a month, most of the toys broke. Just know that you are not getting what you're paying for. I ended up buying separate accessories that actually hold up. Very disappointed but my son still enjoys playing with it. I will not buy from kidcraft anymore, I thought they were a reputable brand since the prices are always so high in toysrus but clearly I was wrong.The picture shows just SOME of the broken toys because others just ultimately got tossed into the trash. I am going to try and fix these ones.
ByMichael Brown - December 3, 2016
This is the coolest gift I have ever baught my kids. My 3 and 6 year old love playing together with it. It was missing the dogs but kidkraft replaced them promptly. It is a pain to assemble but worth it. Dorections could be better.
Michael Brown - February 25, 2016
Great product but seem to be missing pieces or the descriptions and photos are inconsistent. We seem to be missing the second dog, the basketball barriers and the red helicopter landing pad and stairs. Assembly took an hour or so. Having a drill helps a lot and make sure to select the right colored screw "A" for the front and top panels. There are red for the red panels, blue for blue, etc. Overall still good value for the price (paid $88!) and my 3 year old loves it. I have been looking for a boys "dollhouse" playset for a while and this one fits the bill.
Bycinderfairie - October 16, 2016
We got this KidKraft Everyday Heroes Play Set for my toddler son for Christmas. He LOVES it! He loves to open the door and shut the doors. This play set is something that he can grow to enjoy for many years. The quality is fantastic. The material is thick and sturdy. Dan is a handy man and can put things together well but this play set is took him a few hours to put together. I think if they would have added a picture in the directions that it would have made it easier. All of the pieces are numbered. I am missing some accessory pieces in my playset. There is no way to contact anyone about it. The only thing you can do is return this heavy playset. Other then that I highly recommend. If you order expect to have a few hours to put together. This is really nice and we are happy with it!
cinderfairie - January 23, 2017
This is pretty nice except we are missing one of the dogs, dog bed, toilet and kidkraft has not replied to my email about getting these items. Also I'm not sure about the ones where people only had to screw in a few things bc I am putting this whole thing together. That's fine with me, my kids are excited and playing as we go. My son loves our Barbie house but he also loves fire trucks so this is really cool. The only problem is the missing parts and lack of customer service.
ByHilda Yan - November 9, 2016
This toy is great! My 4 year old son loves it.
Hilda Yan - October 23, 2015
Very happy with this toy. I bought it for my 6 yr old grandson's birthday because he wanted a "boy's dollhouse". It is very sturdy and comes with several figures and furniture plus a helicopter, motorcycle and fire engine. Its really big and accommodates all the other toys he likes to stuff in it.. The only bad part is it did take me an hour to put it together and the instructions are not the clearest I've ever read. However, I feel it was all worth it when I see how much he loves playing with it.
ByStephanie Delp - June 17, 2017
Product arrived in a unmarked box - had company name on it and such but no identifying pictures which was great since it was a christmas gift for my 3 year old and was left on the door step to our home.Assembly was easy and directions were very easy to follow. Took me about 30 minutes to work on it and was able to get it together and such by myself.Quality of the house itself is great! Wood parts are sturdy and well made, the color is wonderful and the pictures are all painted on instead of stickers which really makes it stand out.Came with a great amount of play pieces and they are too great quality. My 3 year old is rough and tough these vehicles have crashed from bunk beds and book shelves and have not a chip on them. The bendable figures have been twisted into all sorts of positions and still months later look brand new.House is great size and allows for use of other cars and such children have. Expending what they're able to use with it. The two far sides are on hinges which makes folding it up and storing it great!My son is approaching 4 now and still plays with the set, and this is a favorite toy when we have friends over to play even older kids!Our dog had chewed the helicopter that came with the set and Kids Kraft customer service was amazing and sent us a replacement one free of charge in a short amount of time with zero hassle
Stephanie Delp - July 7, 2015

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