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Features. John Deere tractor shaped carrying case has 10 separate compartments.. It can hold up to 25 164 scale tractors implements.. Carry handle on top of the cab and latches closed with the front grill providing the final snap closure.. Comes with 6 collect n play toys animals and fencing.....


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For what I paid for this item I was very pleased with the contents. The small equipment seemed to be better than plastic and it seemed like you got alot of pieces when you figure out how to open the case. I'm not sure how long the case will stay closed as that feature doesn't seem to latch real tight. The tractors tires do not move, but a kid with an imagination will most likely push the tractor around as well as use it for storage. Nice unique toy.
Bypicky2yet - December 17, 2012
This is the cutest toy!! We gave it as a birthday gift and it was a hit for all the kids!!
picky2yet - September 26, 2017
My son loves this! He is 2 years old and takes it many places that we go and I am asked often where we got it. It's adorable.
ByKari B - December 7, 2016
My son received this for his 2nd birthday and being a tractor fanatic absolutely loves it. It really includes a lot and although plastic, the toys have held up very well. The only downside is that the case is relatively difficult to open and very frustrating for my son. It stays closed really well though!! I would definitely buy again.
Kari B - July 13, 2012
Super cute for my grandson's birthday. He's 3 and loved it!
Byhburns3982 - October 10, 2017
My 2 year old grandson is going to love this for Christmas!
hburns3982 - October 18, 2017
I wish they would of shown the inside of the carry case. I bought it hoping to fit my sons other small tractors in there, he has a lot. The slots will not fit most tractors with a loader on it, they would have to be pretty small. My son likes it and we will figure out something. The case it's self is made really well. It is not at all flimsy, very sturdy!
Bydeecee - February 15, 2017
Cute Packaging - My son loves the tractors. But as an adult I remember when Ertl toys were actually well made - you can expect these to hold together, but they are REALLY cheap, bad fitting plastic. They make Hot Wheels look like Franklin Mint replicas. They would be worth it if they were half the price - sadly you are paying the additional 50 percent for the John Deere branding, not quality.
deecee - July 14, 2016

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