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Nasco Sensory Stepperz - 19-3/4" x 9" x 11-3/4" - Set of 4 - Early Childhood Education Program - SN36400: Fun air-filled steppers encourage balance and coordination while honing core strength. The different textures on the discs engage tactile and visual exploration with the bumps waves stripes...


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Good Night Chicago

Good Night Books. 2012 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

Many of North America’s most beloved regions are artfully celebrated in these boardbooks designed to soothe children before bedtime while instilling an early appreciation for the continent’s natural and cultural wonders. Each book stars a multicultural group of people visiting the featured area’s attractions—such as the Rocky Mountains in Denver, the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Lake Ontario in Toronto, and volcanoes in Hawaii. Rhythmic language guides children through the passage of both a single day and the four seasons while saluting the iconic aspects of each place.

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A Pirate's Night Before Christmas

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Young mateys will find plenty of holiday joy in this humorous, colorful, and thoroughly piratical version of the beloved Clement C. Moore classic, presented from the point of view of a young boy on a pirate ship and detailing the arrival of Sir Peggedy aboard the "Black Shark." Includes a bonus treasure map.

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Let's Fold!

Kumon Pub North America Limited. 2005 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

Provides developmentally relevant exercises in tactile experience and fine-motor control, gradually advancing very young children from simple one-fold activities through beginning origami that can be incorporated into creating amusing paper toys and art projects. Original.

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More Let's Sticker and Paste

Kumon Pub North America Limited. 2006 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

In this book, children first learn to place stickers onto colorful backgrounds. As they progress through the book, children cut and paste to create fun art projects.

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Let's Cut Paper! Amazing Animals

Kumon Pub North America Limited. 2011 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

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More Let's Fold!

Kumon Pub North America Limited. 2006 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

Folding develops important spatial reasoning abilities while refining fine motor skills. This book of folding takes children to the vibrant world of the farm yard.

content?id=1OrcAQAACAAJ&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&source=gbs api - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

My Book of Coloring

Kumon Pub North America Limited. 2006 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

A colouring book like no other! In this workbook, children learn in a step-by-step fashion how to choose the correct colours and colour within the lines. After providing children with the practice to master colouring, the final section of the book allows for creativity as well.

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ABC's Write and Wipe!

Kumon Pub North America Limited. 2006 gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

These cards will help your child learn to write uppercase letters properly. Using the special pen, write & wipe cards can be used to trace as many times as you wish for repeated practice.

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Touch and Tickle

gbs preview - Hedstrom Sensory Stepperz

Touch is a baby's first language… Designed to stimulate the senses, and based on research into the benefits of baby exercise and massage, these books encourage interaction between parent and baby. Devoting time to special activities with your baby plays a crucial part in the bonding process. Touch helps to promote feelings of security and confidence. Massage has been shown to encourage relaxation, enhance sleep, improve circulation and digestion, and aid pain relief. It also allows time to explore new feelings and share new experiences.

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Pantone: Color Cards

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"Play with shades of every color! These double-sided illustrated board cards invite children to compare and contrast colors as never before. Perfect for little hands or nursery walls!"--Box.

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