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Focal Clear Headphones

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  • Open high-fidelity headphone made in France
  • Circum-aural open-back headphones
  • Sensitivity: 104dB SPL/1mW @ 1kHz
  • Frequency response: 5Hz-28kHz
  • Accessories provided: 3m balanced cable (XLR 4-pin) , 3m unbalanced cable (1/4" TRS jack), 1.2m unbalanced cable (1/8" TRS jack), 1/8" jack to 1/4" stereo jack adapter, Hard-shell carrying case

Product Description

Power, Neutrality, Openness, and Dynamics on Par with High-End Speakers: Focal Clear Erases the Space Limits Associated with Headphones, Features Seemingly Weightless Ergonomics Supremely open and sonically uniform, Focal Clear gives lie to the myth that headphones reduce perceived listening space. A few steps above the critically acclaimed Elear model, the circumaural open-back Clear utilizes a new-generation full-range speaker and Focal's hallmark aluminum/magnesium-alloy M-profile dome for lightness, high rigidity, and superb damping. You'll experience power, neutrality, and dynamics on par with stellar high-end loudspeakers - 100% Music Direct Guaranteed . Clear's internal arsenal also includes a one-inch frameless copper voice coil to produce an ultra-strong magnetic field. And with a 55-ohms impedance rating, you can drive Clear with portable high-resolution players. Clear's allure extends beyond its detailed, realistic, and balanced sound. Focal designed Clear so you won't feel like you're wearing headphones . Micro-perforated 20mm ear cushions, a solid aluminum yoke, and a smartly shaped leather-and-micro-perforated headband provide a feeling of weightlessness. Coupled with the sonic openness, the ergonomics put Clear into a category of its own - a designation furthered by the proprietary 75-micron-thick suspension capable. It provides exceptional impulse response, with a break-up level of 24kHz. Because Clear reproduces high frequencies with extreme linearity and expertly handles, you'll hear even the smallest elements and critical, hard-to-replicate cues when you listen to music. A hard transport case and three 24 AWG oxygen-free cables for use with every type of electronic equipment - from audiophile-vetted portable devices to top-end headphone amplifiers - finished with a 3.5mm mini jack, 6.35mm jack, and XLR 4 pin connectors, respectiv

Focal Clear Headphones, FOCAL

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Woo Audio's WA7 amp makes audiophilia beautiful

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You'd have to go to absolute extremes, such as Hifiman's $6,000 Susvara planar magnetic headphones, to find a pair of cans that would feel inadequately powered by this amp. Among the headphones I tested with the WA7 were Focal's Utopia and Clear,...

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Absolute detail extraction is also less than you'd get from the aforementioned D8000 or Sennheiser's HD 800 S, while Focal's Clear and MrSpeakers' Aeon Flow Open both offer a smoother, more refined sound. The R70x's treble never offends the ear, though...

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Review: The Focal Clear are $1500 headphones worth every penny

May 17, 2018 - TNW

The $1,500 Focal Clear are not one of those headphones. Focal has long been one of the biggest names in high end speakers, but its recently ventured into headphones and has been on a roll with its first few hi-fi offerings. The Clear are the first of...

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When Focal released their first super-high-end headphones, the $3,500 Utopias, the large gap left between them and the $800 Elear model left a natural space for a third model. This mid-range model, named Focal Clear, was finally released in October 2017....

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After years in the audio game, we've blown through a litany of headphones, including some of the best (and most expensive) cans in the world. Even so, few headphone models have revved our motor quite like the latest from French audio maker, Focal....

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