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Enter your model number to make sure this fits.; Go out on an adventure with the Octopod just like in the show!; Press the OctoAlert for sounds and phrases; Remove the OctAlert for on-the-go adventures!; Explore the many adventures of the Octopod with over ten play pieces!; Send the figures down...


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I have 3, 4, and 5 year old sons that all get good use out of this toy. I'm glad I was at to find a good price that convinced me to make the purchase. I originally thought they wouldn't play much with this house and that it would just end up taking up space since this is a somewhat large toy, but I was wrong. The removable octoalert clips that plays sound clips from the show encourages them to Make up different scenarios to play. If you haven't already, I'd recommend getting the complete set of Octonaut figures that you an get in a pack here on Amazon. They go perfect with this set as well as the Octonaut gups and your kids will get hours of quality play time with them together. It's hilarious the things they say and the words that pop out while playing with this that I never even knew were in their vocabulary. The pods each have a rope with anchor, basket, or net attached for them to pretend to catch or rescue friends or sea creatures. I've even caught them playing with a few batman Imaginext figures with the octopod and gups. Cute toy.
ByLo Frenzel - December 29, 2014
If the bitty person in your life is an Octonauts fan, this is your opportunity to rock their little world. Bought this for my granddaughter who is a little over 2 years old, and who will binge watch the series if allowed. Hours and hours of fun. The push button on the top (that sounds the Octo-alert, and a few other phrases) is a removable clip, which can be clipped to clothing also, if desired. It was convenient for her parents, who removed and hid it after hearing her cycle through phrases to "Sound the Octo-Alert!" for the ten-thousandth time.Would I buy this again? In a heartbeat. That being said, it is not the sturdiest build in the world, and the pods do come off sometimes when she carries it around, but part of the fun to her is disassembling, rearranging, and reassembling, so that was okay, for her. As an adult, we can find that sort of thing annoying, but to her, it was building and repairing like they do on the show.The pods are small in relation to the size of the actual character figures, another thing she could've cared less about.
Lo Frenzel - May 30, 2016
It's a pretty simple toy that doesn't do much besides play audio clips from the show and has a slide / chute where the characters can ride a mini Gup A. The swings / ropes on the front of the Octopod are sort of silly.My son really wanted it but didn't seem to play with it as much as we hoped. He gets much more use out of the Octonauts Gup X and Gup A toys. If you are familiar with the Paw Patrol Lookout Tower toy, this is very similar in design.
ByKisatchie Kitchen - November 22, 2014
My Octonauts lover is 3 and he thinks this is wonderful, but that's just because he's such a fan of the show. On the positive side, it has themed rooms for four of the characters (the little pod pieces), the sound effects with the button are accurate to the show and not too absurdly loud, the multiple hanging accessories are a fun inclusion, and the trap door which leads to a chute is quite the novelty. On the negative side, the plastic is pretty flimsy, and there isn't a lot of stability to the toy overall since it's top heavy. My biggest issue is that there's minimal functional floor space on which to play the characters. Inside of each pod/bedroom you can barely manage to place a single character and at the slightest bump, they fall off. This would be fine if there were attachment pegs for the feet to hook into, but it doesn't work for a three year old to try to use a toy where you have to very carefully balance a character and then be careful not to bump or wiggle the toy in any way while playing. The same problem exists on the main floor space. It's textured so these characters with big heads and small feet are near to impossible to get balanced since the floor has bumps. Overall, I bought this at a great deal and my son likes it so I'm not too unhappy, but this has become a large prop in his play. The Octopod sits there untouched while he drives the gups around and plays with the characters on the floor. If you're just starting out, buy some of the gups or vehicles as they seem to be more functional and fun for kids.
Kisatchie Kitchen - January 12, 2015
My son loves it but if I had designed this product I would have done much of it differently. There should be more to do. The chutes from the pods to the Octobay don't work, the figures just don't slide down. The figures can only stand in two spots, there should be way more anchors to keep the figures standing. The lifts don't really work...again, the figures can't stand on them and they can't go up and 'walk off' into a pod. They were so close but fell short.The trap door is the only action...we mostly play that someone stands on the door and someone else pulls the switch and drops them into the sea.
ByMichael Walsh - May 10, 2016
A great idea but a bit fiddly. Was really hard to get the stickers into the right places, and of course Mr 4-year-old noticed that I had two of them in the wrong rooms, so that caused an upset. He hasn't played with it as much as we expected, because the pieces are fiddly and keep falling off. He gets easily frustrated with it
Michael Walsh - April 18, 2016
My kids loved the Octonauts sound button, that can be removed and clipped onto something else, like pants or belt. But the overall build quality of this toy is somewhat lacking. The "pods" and the rope pull system for the accessories (hook, basket, sling, platform) come off extremely easily and had my 2yr old asking for help each time one of these items came off. My 3yr old understood how to re-attach things but it frustrated him that these items didn's stay attached better.My kids love Octonauts but I think the only thing they love about the Octopod is the sound button that comes with it.
ByAmie - January 12, 2015
The idea of this product is cute, but the cheapness of the toy overrides the cuteness. This toy comes apart into a lot of pieces, including the orange pods. My kids don't even mean to take it apart but it is always coming apart while they are playing, and I am constantly having to try to put it back together again, only to have it come apart minutes later. It is a frustrating toy for children and for parents.
Amie - August 25, 2015

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Octonauts Creature Report

Simon & Schuster Children's. 2017 gbs preview - Fisher-Price Octonauts Octopod Playset

The Octonauts have roamed the seven seas meeting the most extraordinary creatures! Did you know that humpback whales can sing for up to 24 hours? Or that cuttlefish can change colours but are colour-blind? In the Octonaut's Creature Report, learn all about angler fish to orcas in this exciting new sticker book! Use the over 150 stickers included to complete each report compiled by Captain Barnacles, Peso, Kwazii and all the Octonauts! Perfect for your little Jacques Cousteau or mini David Attenborough at home.

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