Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex

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Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex

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  • 3 Power Pads bring the Imaginext Ultra T-Rex roaring to life!
  • Turn the Power Pad behind his tail - he takes four steps forward, with exciting sound effects
  • Turn the Power Pad above his left hip to raise him to his full height of 2 1/2 feet - and make the LEDs in his spikes and eyes light up!
  • Turn the third Power Pad to open and close his mouth - and fire projectiles!
  • Push button to launch boulders from his chest. Please refer the User Manual before use.

Product Description

Your little dino lover’s imagination gets a gigantic boost from the bony Imaginext Ultra T-Rex, with 3 Power Pads to bring him roaring to life. Turn the Power Pad behind his tail and he starts walking. A turn of the Power Pad above his left hip allows him to stand to his full height of 2 ½ feet tall – and activates the LED lights in his spikes and his eyes. And when you turn the third Power Pad, his mouth opens and closes with awesome chomping sound effects – and even fires projectiles! If that isn’t enough to scare away enemies, he has two boulder launchers in his chest that can be fired at the push of a button – and a projectile claw! With realistic sound effects while he’s walking, standing and firing projectiles, this scary dino makes no bones about it. He’s ready to conquer prehistoric lands – and the imaginations of young adventurers everywhere! Imaginext…Turn on Adventure!

Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-rex, Fisher Price

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as of July 19, 2018 2:05 am  
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