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Lowest price Product: Easy Wood Tools Turners Smock Large - $64.99



As quickly as those shavings roll off of the sharp cutting edge of your turning tool they will slide off this short sleeve turner’s smock. Constructed from super lightweight breathable material, this smock features a covered front pocket with pencil holder, large rear pockets, and a fully...


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This is a nice turner's smock. I guess ut should be for the price it costs. But it us a very light-weight zip-up short sleeve shirt that goes over whatever else you're wearing. No more sawdust and wood chips filling my shirt pocket. The short sleeves are a safety feature sobthey don't get caught in the lathe. I would have liked a long-sleeve version to wear when I do other things, like sanding, so maybe I'll get the Sorby smock for that. My biggest concern for this Easy Wood smock is whether it will easily tear if you snag it. It's very light weight material.
Engineering Geek - January 11, 2017
This is the best for working in the woodshop, nothing sticks to it. It is light weight and protects you from chips etc. The pockets in the back are a great idea, they do not fill up with sawdust. Great buy worth the price.
Bmriggs - January 27, 2018
The zipper is very porly made, actually the entire thing is poorly made. I'm a big guy (52" chest) I bought a XXXL and it barley fits around my shoulders and chest. They should stick to the wood turning tools, they are great.
Mark from Florida - July 5, 2017

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Everything a woodturner needs to know about using and implementing the exciting new technology of replaceable carbide cutting tips is included in this guide. Woodturning tools have taken a quantum leap since the recent introduction of these tips that have greatly simplified the task of turning in dry stock. Carbide-tipped woodturning tools are safer, faster, easier, and more efficient than traditional tools that require grinding the end of a piece of fluted steel to one of dozens of subjective profiles. The technology of the carbide cutters is fully explained, as are the various shafts and the function of the handle designs, providing insight into how and why these cutters act as they do, and why they are shaped as they are. Removing the intimidating aspects of turning, the guide explains the elimination of sharpening, addresses the issues of chatter and fatigue, and advises on maintenance, techniques, and usage. A number of projects are includedsuch as a candlestick, spinning tops, and a basic bowlthat can be completed right away by novice turners, rather than waiting for years to gain enough experience to do the same job with traditional tools."

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Learn how to bring out the beauty in wood from the grandfather of woodturning, David Ellsworth. He shares masterful techniques for his signature eggshell-thin hollow designs in three projects for a hollow bowl, natural-edge vessel, and pot. A gallery of his work and the pieces in his collection will inspire both new and advanced turners.

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When an eclectic group of pilgrims take turns telling tales while on the road to Canterbury Cathedral, the Miller is determined to tell the best story and win the free dinner. He regales his fellow pilgrims with the best tale he knows—a rude and raunchy tale that would be considered scandalous even by today’s standards. This special edition of “The Miller’s Tale,” one of the most memorable tales from Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, includes “The General Prologue,” “The Miller’s Prologue,” and “The Miller’s Tale,” in original Middle English and modern translated versions. HarperCollins brings great works of literature to life in digital format, upholding the highest standards in ebook production and celebrating reading in all its forms. Look for more titles in the HarperCollins short-stories collection to build your digital library.

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These unique projects for making working locks entirely from wood will present an an exciting challenge to woodworkers. “The Big Book of Wooden Locks” presents all of the most popular wooden lock projects of Tim Detweiler, the “Lock Man,” from his first two book. Detweiller's beautiful and complex wooden lock designs have captivated woodworkers around the world.These amazing projects are all fully functional and are constructed entirely in wood, with no metal parts. Step-by-step instructions, complete dimensioned drawings, and color photographs give readers complete information on constructing each project. These intricate designs will challenge readers' woodworking skills, teach techniques for creating wooden mechanisms and puzzles, and produce impressive, beautiful creations that testify to the builder's skill and woodworking accomplishments.From a simple warded lock with key to a complex push-button combination lock, these projects are fantastic conversation starters and make highly impressive gifts.

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The Artist's Handbook of Materials and Techniques

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Materials and techniques for today's artist.

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