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Lowest price Product: Happy Trails Plush Rocking Horse - Tan - $59.99



Cowboy Rocking horse. This horse comes with one wood frame. Color: Tan. Size: 29.5" long x 28" height x 12" wide. Ages: 36 month and more.- Real horse sound. Height from Floor to seat is 18 inches.


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Christmas purchase for my Grandson. The rocking horse was easy to assemble. The only reason I didn't give the horse a 5 star rating, I am waiting to see how the horse holds up. I love the fur, saddle and the sounds the horse makes when you press his ear. However, the mane on the horse seems to shed. Can't wait to see my grandson on the horse.
Amazon Customer - December 10, 2015
This was a Christmas present for our toddler, who is almost two now. She likes it, but she hasn't used it that often. It's cute, but I don't like how the saddle slips towards the back constantly, and the stirrups aren't very comfortable for her. I'm hoping that when she gets a little bigger/older, it will be easier and more fun for her to use.
Deborah - March 8, 2016
Nice horse and fit my small statured 3 yoa daughter well. The threads on one of the handles did not screw on well and I had to crossthread them to stay and did not want to return since it was put together on Christmas morning!
Morkgto - February 3, 2017
Really cute,sound is not very loud but maybe that's a blessing for the parents. Seems to be well made. It was a gift for a 13 mo old. Being big for his age he hopped right on when he got it. He really liked it. His eyes lit right up. It was a good choice.
judith clark - January 19, 2017
Arrived in 2 days as promised. It is sooooooooooo cute. A bit smaller than I imagined it but great for a toddler. Very easy to put togetherand no popcorn styrofoam in the box! Will buy from again.
pzeirott - April 14, 2018
The kids have not yet played with it, however, I put it together, which was easy, and it really seems sturdy. I know they will be thrilled.
Linda B. - December 12, 2015
So bad, not worth the $80.00 the handles are out of square, stirrups are for looks only, do not use, hard for child to rock, cause they sit so far back.
Jeff - January 11, 2018
Adorable and sturdy. My toddler loves it.
J. Terrell - July 10, 2017

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