The Children's Factory was born in the attic of Mike and Barbara Richter in Kirkwood, MO in early 1982. Their vision was to create soft play environments in which children could safely play. The first product was a basic 3D animal shape sized perfect for a child. From here other products...


  • 317mrwMnJcL - Children's Factory Rectangle Mirror, 24 X 36 CF332-491


My daughter LOVES mirrors. I have one in her playroom, in the living room and in her bedroom. I always purchase Children's Factory mirrors from Amazon. They are easy to put up (I use Command strips in some rooms and the provided wall corners on others) and hold up really well. I would suggest that you be very careful with how you hold and move them. These crack very easily if they're not fully supported while you're working with them to get on the walls. The good news is that the cracks are manageable and do very little to the mirror if they're not too large. They don't split further unless additional strain is put on them.Also, if you have damage to a corner (happened with an earlier purchase of this brand of mirror) take some high grit sandpaper to it and round out the damage. I had to do it to 2 corners, so I rounded all 4 for that mirror (I was using Command strips in that room) and it looked quite nice in the end!
ByAdorkableGeekGirl - March 30, 2016

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