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CarePlay Grid Blocks add unlimited fun and creativity to constructive play. Blocks are colorful and easy to use and can be used indoors or outdoors. Gives your young builder the blocks needed to follow whatever path the imagination takes. Heavy duty blocks will create solid pathways for children...


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  • 51BSRnK5egL - Careplay 48 piece Grid Blocks


I just bought these for my 7 year old. Felt the 32 piece wasn't enough, but the 48 piece one at least lets a child build a house or another structure without falling short of pieces. The pieces are about a foot square, sturdy enough to take even an adult's weight, look waterproof (as they're air-filled) so kids can play with them outside. They need a little strength to interlock, so I am not sure they're suitable to kids under 2 or even 3.They interlock well to form floors, walls which are quite sturdy. The triangle pieces help you build sloped roofs. I just built a house for my kid. I love this toy because it should teach kids the ability to build structures of different types which they can interact with. Like Lego, but at a human (kid) scale.
AK - May 27, 2015
I grew up with the little tykes version of these, and I was planning on getting those for my kids but they were much more expensive and they wouldn't ship to the island we live on in Alaska. Anyway, so I bought the 48 piece set and they are smaller than the ones I remember (or maybe I got We can make a full house that all four of my kids (ages 8, 7, 3, and 15 months) can squeeze into, but not with much wiggle room! My husband built them their own individual "beds" to sleep in Christmas night. These are a lot of fun, but I will be saving up to buy another set So we can make bigger structures. I disagree with other reviewers on them being hard to put together, my 8 & 7 year olds can build with them just fine, and the 3 year old has mastered the art as well, but I wouldn't think a baby should need to know how to put them together. The tight fit makes it possible to make stairs that the kids can actually climb on without the structure collapsing! I highly recommend buying these for creative and energetic children, they are great.
Wendy Morehouse - December 26, 2015
If I had to make one recommendation about these blocks it would be to buy them in bulk, so maybe instead of one order of blocks buy maybe 5+. You're only young once, and same goes for the little ones who are going to LOVE these blocks!
Amazon Customer - April 21, 2016
Have had these for many years in my child care center. In about a dozen years they only managed to break 2! A few years ago ordered several sets of the Little Tikes variety, that were on sale, to go with them. NOT THE SAME. The Little Tikes blocks are a bit softer and larger. I sold my Little Tikes blocks in a yard sale and ordered more of these!
Smore Heaven - March 19, 2016
My kids are 18 months, and 3 years old and have so much fun with these. We build houses, forts, and all sorts of tunnels with them, and they just go crazy playing with them.Highly recommend them for children (and adults).
Amazon Customer - December 27, 2013
i have a family childcare and some of my older kids (4years old) have trouble connecting. It's a bit hard to connect them (even I have a hard time) but it's great for building. I use them for my outdoor classroom.
Elizabeth - May 12, 2016
The reason I don't give this five star is, well, they're expensive Nd also I want you to know, they Can be dangerous! If a kid throws this at another kid they will get bruised. These are very heavy and I needed a hammer to help my kids put these together! If you eant then ti connect realky well its hars work. If its not clicked together well their structure will be flimsy. Also if you stack these up against a wall or somewhere and the stack falls onto a child OMG this can be dangerous.They are very heavy. For my seven year old it's fine,even if they're playing with a younger kid,okay but it does need supervision. A five year old on their own? Impossible. Id say four and up with help of an adult.if your ready to supervise and lend a hand here and there it can be a fun toy. I ordered the biggest set of these with the 48 pcs, because less then that I felt wouldn't be enough pieces for 2 kids to make something big enough for them to go into like a boat or house! When they do get their little boat or garden up and my seven and five year old sit in and bring their dolls it's fun! I enjoy watching that! The 48 pc box is what I store them in don't destroy the box and make sure u have storage room for such a big box check msrmnts
suzie - August 4, 2015
I purchased these large blocks for my 2 1/2 year old granddaughter. She loves them as does her 6 year old brother. They spent hours playing with them at our house over the holidays and they are still a favorite toy at their house. Although they are expensive I believe they are worth the cost.
Janet - January 15, 2013

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