Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Gift Set

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Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Gift set includes more than 60 pieces of furniture and accessories and includes 2 poseable figures.


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  • 51BVbJJZdDL - Calico Critters Lakeside Lodge Gift Set


This is the newest addition to our growing collection of Calico Critters. My girls love them. They love setting up the homes and playing pretend with the different family characters. The house comes with two figurines, the car, a hammock and a table and chairs... but no other furniture. This was somewhat disappointing. If this is your first purchase, you will need additional furniture (for example, kitchen, bedroom, family room, bathroom) for your children to use it as a "doll house." That being said, it is the usual terrific quality and thoughtful details we expect from Calico Critters products. My girls were totally thrilled with the purchase.
ByAmazon Customer - June 9, 2015
This is a great combo set! All of the Calico Critters items are great and quality pieces, and my daughter loves her new cabin! Comes with everything to start playing right away, and we used a few pieces from our townhouse furniture to round it out!My only complaint was the packaging - this was shipped to our house in the original box, not an unmarked Amazon box. This was purchased off of a gift list for my daughter's 4th birthday and obviously she got it early thanks to the fact that it was very obviously displayed on our porch when we got home.
Amazon Customer - July 5, 2017
I purchased this for Christmas for my granddaughter. I was a bit disappointed in the house and van. The weirdest thing - they have car seats for the van, but none of the little animals fit in them so they are useless. My three year old granddaughter wanted so badly for her babies to be in their car seats, but none of the adults could figure out how to make them work. They were just too narrow. The hammocks also fall too easily for a 3 year old to get dolls in and out of them.
ByAndrea Stanley - January 9, 2016
Great toy! My granddaughter plays with it all the time! She is only 21/2 so we did put the very small pieces away till she's older! We don't turn on the tv very much because we incourage the kids to use their imaginations with toys like this!
Andrea Stanley - February 24, 2017
House is cute, easy to put together but the van leaves much to be desired. Cheap looking and the baby car seats use rubber bands to hold baby critters (sold seperately) in. They will be lost after the first use I am sure.
ByM K Hooks - December 26, 2016
This product came on time. It was in good condition and met all the expectations I had based on the description on the website. I was very happy with this purchase.
M K Hooks - January 19, 2016
What's not to love about anything Calico Critters? Seriously? The detail is impeccable! They're so fun to play with!! I think that I love calico critters more than my children do. I'm okay with that.
ByGinny Henderson - February 20, 2017
It was hard to tell what was in the box by the picture. Cute toy that my 2 year old granddaughter loved but too expensive for what was included.
Ginny Henderson - February 18, 2016

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