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Lowest price Product: Buggygear SunChaser UPF 50 - Silver/Platinum - $49.99



Don't worry, we've got your baby covered! Most stroller sunshades fall short and don't cover your baby from every angle. Even strollers with the largest sunshades often leave precious and sensitive parts of your baby exposed. And what about trikes, car seats, and other hard-to-shade places? Don't...


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Absolutely LOVE this. I was a bit sad when I stopped using the infant seat in my stroller as it now meant I had to find a way to protect my daughter from the sun (chicco keyfit 30 travel system) as the sunshade doesn't actually cover much except at high noon. This item was in use multiple times a week all summer and it's still like new. The joints are flexible and haven't loosened, the clip grabs on to multiple areas of the stroller, even the existing sunshade. I've also attached it to things like her pack n play while camped out at a faire we run a tent for. It's so easy to use and it takes a stiff wind to blow it out, so that was rarely a problem and you'll get that with any attachable sun blocking device. I MUCH PREFER THIS OVER STROLLER UMBRELLAS!
Jessica D. - September 8, 2015
This is my 2nd purchase of this great adjustable sun shade. Although it might not be as easy as others to install and remove from say car seat to stroller it is a great shade.I love that it can fold up and tuck away when not in use or needed. The gorillapod type neck allows you to bend it at whatever angle you need to block out that bright sunlight. Just be careful of how you handle it. My in-laws were a bit rough with my last one and it broke at the top. Hopefully this new one survives.
J. Merritt - September 19, 2015
I decided to purchase this sunshade because I had previously purchased this from another seller a couple of years ago. It's served me so well, that I decided to purchase a second one for my other child. The one I already own is absolutely excellent. However, when I put this new one in the car, it broke instantly. Either this was a defective piece, or the quality of this particular seller is substandard. Either way, I have returned it.
VF - March 7, 2017
It's moderately useful. I have it on my twins stroller and while it does block sun, you spend a lot of time readjusting it as you move and if there's a wind it just flops around. I still use it because I think it's better than straight sun, but my husband takes it off the stroller when he takes them out.
C. Christensen - April 21, 2014
There's nothing wrong with this actual product. The thing is, if you attach it to a stroller, in our case the BOB stroller, it's just not necessary. The coverage you get from the canopy with your stroller provides ample shade and this turned out to be one more thing we did not need.
Broo_nah - November 18, 2017
We received this product and it was broken but still in the retail packaging. The packaging was intact and this should have been a red flag but I reordered the product anyways. The second one wasn't broken upon arrival, however it broke in the same spot on the second use. I love the idea but it poor quality. The clip that holds the shade and connects it to the goose arm breaks very easily in shipping and in use.
Andrew Shipsides - March 1, 2017
Good while it lasts, but the bendy part loses its rigidity in about 6 months. Now it's pretty useless. Disappointing!
Racha - December 13, 2017
I bought two of these for both of my girls for a trip to the Birmingham Zoo. I did not open them until we got to the zoo to attach to their strollers. When I opened one of them, attached it and went to position it, the flower sun blocking part broke off of the movable arm. Thus, making it completely useless!! I did happen to have zip ties with me and it rigged it back onto the arm, but was frustrated that I had spent that amount of money on a product that broke before even using it. I am just waiting for the other one to break because it is not attached in a way that is made to last.
leslie - August 2, 2015

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