Brio Travel Switching Set

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Brio Travel Switching Set

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  • 42 pieces; two trains, 1 motorized engine ( 1 AA battery not included), 1 free-wheeling engine and 4 passenger cars
  • Modern, 2 story train station with mechanical lift between floors
  • 21 track sections, 2 special mechanical switch tracks, train signal, warning sign and 3 Brio characters
  • Multi-level play with train trestle, wooden supports and rock outcroppings
  • For ages 3+

Product Description

Founded in Sweden in 1884, Brio makes the highest quality wooden toys that have delighted children and created happy memories for generations. Both educational and fun, Brio's uncompromising focus on design, quality and craftsmanship create toys of lasting value that stimulate creativity and imagination. Engaging play and learning are integral themes in all Brio toys, satisfying a child's educational needs and growing with them through their various phases of development. Connect one train to the other with this exciting Brio wooden railway, it's double the fun. The Blue line train is motorized, taking passengers to the modern station with just the push of a button. Once at the 2 story station the passengers disembark and take the mechanical lift up and down with a simple turn of a crank. The free-wheeling Red line train can take passengers anywhere in the play set. Create multi-level layouts with the special train trestle, wooden track supports and rock outcroppings. There are two special mechanical switch tracks to help direct and stop the trains. The tree Brio characters are there to work in the station and ride the rails, just let your imagination determine the destination.

Brio Travel Switching Set, Ravensburger

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