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Lowest price Product: Ambi Toys Lock A Block Shape Sorter - $29.93
Price history
Price history for Ambi Toys Lock A Block Shape Sorter
Latest updates:
  • $29.93 - September 3, 2017
  • $31.31 - August 31, 2017
Since: August 31, 2017
  • Highest Price: $31.31 - August 31, 2017
  • Lowest Price: $29.93 - September 3, 2017


Price history for Ambi Toys Lock A Block Shape Sorter
Latest updates:
  • $29.93 - September 3, 2017
  • $31.31 - August 31, 2017
Since: August 31, 2017
  • Highest Price: $31.31 - August 31, 2017
  • Lowest Price: $29.93 - September 3, 2017

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Lowest price Product: Ambi Toys Lock A Block Shape Sorter - $29.93



Toddlers now become much more curious and adventurous and love to sort, hide and stack things. They recognize color and love familiar sounds; high tones are most readily heard. A process of learning and doing develops, and babies learn to name things, to sort things and put things away. They will...





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    The current leading cause of visual impairment among children is not a disease or condition of the eyes, but cortical visual impairment (CVI)-also known as cerebral visual impairment-in which visual dysfunction is caused by damage or injury to the brain. The definition, nature, and treatment of CVI are the focus of great concern and widespread debate, and this complex condition poses challenges to professionals and families seeking to support the growth and development of visually impaired children. On the basis of more than 30 years' experience in working with hundreds of children of all ages with CVI, Christine Roman-Lantzy has developed a set of unique assessment tools and systematic, targeted principles whose use has helped children learn to use their vision more effectively. This one-of-a-kind resource provides readers with both a conceptual framework with which to understand working with CVI and concrete strategies to apply directly in their work.

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    The classic book that revolutionized the "mind tech" industry is finally available in low cost Kindle edition. Scientists have learned more about the brain in the last decade than in all of previous history, and the implications of the latest research are clear: The human brain is far more powerful, and has the potential for immensely greater growth and transformation, than was ever before imagined. These discoveries may constitute the most significant development in learning since the invention of writing. Michael Hutchison captures all the drama, excitement, and adventure as we finally begin to comprehend the most mysterious and complex structure in the universe, the source of human culture, a still untapped reservoir of power and skills. He looks at the recently developed machines and devices that may soon allow us to increase brain size and intelligence; regenerate brain cells; trigger specific brain states such as euphoria, long- and short-term memory, sexual excitement, and creativity; and control the brain's electrical activity in order to alter such "involuntary" mechanisms as blood pressure, heart rate, and the secretion of hormones. Megabrain is a lucid and lively account of where the pioneers in brain research are headed -- and where they are taking us. CONTENTS INTRODUCTION: THE LAST FRONTIER PART-I 1.LIGHTING OUT FOR THE TERRITORY 2.GETTING SMART: BRAIN EXPANSION THROUGH STIMULATION 3.THE WISDOM OF AGE: LEARNING THE SECRET OF LIFELONG GROWTH 4.EVOLUTION AGAINST ENTROPY 5.ASCENT TO A HIGHER ORDER: BRAIN AS DISSIPATIVE STRUCTURE 6.RELAXATION AND THE BRAIN 7.IN SEARCH OF THE WILD MIND MACHINE PART-II 8.WE SING THE MIND ELECTRIC, PART ONE: TENS 9.WESING THE MIND ELECTRIC, PART TWO: CRANIAL ELECTRO STIMULATION 10.THE VIDEO GAME OF THE BRAIN: CAP SCAN 11.GAZING AT YOURSELF: THE MIND MIRROR 12.TUNING THE BRAIN WITH SOUND WAVES: HEMI-SYNC 13.PACEMAKERS FOR THE BRAIN: THE SOUND AND LIGHT MACHINES 14.THE PLEASURES OF MERELY CIRCULATING: THE GRAHAM POTENTIALIZER 15.GAZING HARD INTO THE VOID: TRANQUILITE 16.ADRIFT ON THE GREAT LAKE OF UNKNOWING: THE FLOTATION TANK 17.THE EVOLUTIONARY BRAIN AFTERWORD BIBLIOGRAPHY INDEX

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    Cops and Robbers

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    This is a new Puffin edition of Allan Ahlberg's best-selling Cops and Robbers classic picture book, with a brand new look! The robbers of London town plan a desperate crime one Christmas Eve - to steal all the toys they can lay their hands on! Fortunately, the robbers meet their match in brave office Pugh who leaps into action and arrests the villains - all except Grandma Swagg who manages to get away. Look out for these other classics by Allan Ahlberg: Kicking a Ball; The Baby's Catalogue; Burglar Bill; Each Peach Pear Plum; The One and Only Two Heads; Son of a Gun; The Little Worm Book; Two Wheels Two Heads; Funny Bones; A Pair of Sinners; Happy Families; Peepo!; The Ha Ha Bonk Book; Help Your Child to Read; Ten in a Bed; Please Mrs Butler; Daisy Chains; Yum Yum; Playmates; Foldaways; Woof; The Cinderella Show; The Jolly Postman; The Jolly Christmas Postman; The Jolly Pocket Postman; The Clothes Horse and Other Stories; The Mighty Slide; Starting School; Heard it in the Playground; The Bear Nobody Wanted; It was a Dark and Stormy Night; The Giant Baby; Baby Sleeps; Blue Buggy; Doll and Teddy; See the Rabbit; Please Mrs Butler; The Better Brown Stories; The Boyhood of Burglar Bill

    content?id=W66CAfMMoogC&printsec=frontcover&img=1&zoom=1&edge=curl&source=gbs api - Ambi Toys Lock A Block Shape Sorter

    Century of the Child

    The Museum of Modern Art. 2017 gbs preview - Ambi Toys Lock A Block Shape Sorter

    Did the twentieth century live up to what Swedish design reformer and social theorist Ellen Key, writing in 1900, envisaged as "the century of the child" ? This book, produced in conjunction with a major exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art, takes both its title and its launching point from Key's landmark book, which presaged the coming century as a period of intensified focus on and progressive thinking about the rights, development, and well-being of children. It tracks the fascinating confluence between the cultures of modern design and childhood, through an introductory essay by Juliet Kinchin, sixty-five short essays, and more than four hundred illustrations. The resulting kaleidoscopic narrative of innovative ideas, practitioners, and artifacts examines individual and collective visions for the material world of children, from utopian dreams for the citizens of the future to the dark realities of political conflict and exploitation. Despite being the focus of intense concern and profound thought, children remain one of the most underrepresented subjects in the historical analysis of modern design. To address this lacuna, this book surveys more than one hundred years of school architecture, playgrounds, toys and games, educational materials, children's hospitals and safety equipment, nurseries, furniture, animation, propaganda, advertising, books, and clothing. The outstanding projects that emerge illuminate how progressive design has enhanced the physical, intellectual, and emotional development of children and, conversely, how models of children's play and pedagogy have informed experimental design thinking. As protean beings and elastic ideological symbols, children help us to mediate between the ideal and real: they propel our thoughts forward. But as we look back, they also reveal important new dimensions of modernism in the twentieth century.

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    Outlines a transformational vision of a connected world, drawing on expertise to address questions regarding power balances, the relationship between privacy and security, and the role of technology in combating or enabling terrorism.

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