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This was $30 USD on the shelf at Walmart. It is very similar in design to the Dart Zone Covert Ops Scorpion in that it is an electronic belt-fed blaster with full-auto firing, but lacks the spinning turret of the Scorpion. There is no rev-trigger but there is a rev switch that can be flipped on and off (like the Nerf Elite Stockade) as well as a trigger that engages the full-auto firing function. The Super-darts that the Enforcer comes with are cross-compatible with Nerf Elite Darts, as they identical in size and shape (Long-Distance Ultra-tek suction darts also work; see the last picture below for a dart size comparison). My ProChrono Digital chronograph measured the speed of the darts fired by this stock Adventure Force Enforcer blaster using 6 Duracell AA 1.5V alkaline batteries (not included) at an average of 92 feet per second (FPS) and it has about the same average using Nerf Elite darts (it is capable of shooting any standard Nerf Elite darts; blue, green, white, orange, purple/grey, and decorated Rebelle darts). To give you an idea of how powerful this is, the stock average of an Elite Nerf Blaster is 70 FPS. The Enforcer's 90 FPS average seems to come from it's raw power combined with it's time-dictated fully automatic firing mechanism. It fires about 2 darts per second (DPS), forcing the darts to be launched intermittently. This allows the darts to make contact with the flywheels (it is an electronic vertically-mounted flywheel type blaster) at peak rev, so as a result it is much slower in DPS than the other full-auto blasters in it's class (Nerf's Hyperfire has 5 DPS) but the trade-off is the optimum velocity shots. Another perk about this greater control over how many darts you are shooting, meaning that you can shoot only one dart per squeeze of the trigger if you so choose. It is also bulkier than other blasters when the 3 belt arms are fully assembled. Unfortunately, it seems that only the bottom arm was designed to be detachable. This blaster had a hip-fire carry handle and a lengthy jam-access door on top. There is an orange button atop the rectangular (yet surprisingly comfortable) pistol grip which does absolutely nothing in function but looks like it does. Weight concerns come mainly from the 6 AA batteries, as I can recall being able to hold it up with my pinky finger. The red ammo belt does not need to be removed in order to reload the blaster but the jam access door needs to be opened to move the belt so that you can fully reload the entire thing. My overall opinion of this blaster is that the pros far outweigh the cons, this is an outstanding blaster released under the Adventure Force banner, and I will stand by my perfect 5-star rating until I find any issues that change this opinion.
Mark Masaki - September 11, 2016
Kevin L. Urey - November 4, 2016
Even adults would love this! My kid has the best (nerf, but not nerf) toy gun around!
TP - February 23, 2017
Love it, quick, easy and ready to wrap! Thank you!
Theresa - November 19, 2016
my son loves this gun.
Bruce - November 8, 2017
Bought at Walmart; cheaper than Nerf but twice as awesome. Was worried about quality but it passed expectations. Ambushed my boyfriend for his birthday, he refused to come in the house at first because of the loud sound it made, he didn't know what it was but said it couldn't have been good lol
Kay Hughes - July 11, 2017
product was as described
Stacy Walden - December 1, 2017
My son likes it but its heavy in the back making it awkward to shoot during nerf wars.
Amanda C. - September 4, 2016

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